UK Latest: Giant Leo Playset, Turtle to Weapons released

The much talked about transforming Giant Leo Playset has surfaced in Blighty! Listed on Amazon and Tesco Direct for £99.99/£100 ($155 USD). With 30 different play features and other mod cons, this is a beast or all beasts!

91eRaS6NWlL._SL1500_“Leo stands 24 inches tall, but then opens up to 30 inches wide with nine rooms: Turtles living room, Splinter’s meditation area, skate park half-pipe, Mikey’s pad, street level lookout tower, Turtles’ dojo, Donnie’s workshop, computer lab and a Turtles’ jail. The playset includes over 30 different features including skateboard, street light catapult, multiple sneaky sewer trap doors, weapon racks, climbing ladders and fold out bridges. “

Also out are the Mikey, Raph and Leo transforming Turtle to Weapons figures. Spotted in ASDA and Tescos. Each retailing for around £18.00 ($27.99) each.

EXTRA: currently have the Turtle Blimp for a mere £8! ($12 USD) Be sure to grab one before the scalpers do!,default,pd.html

SDCC 2015, TMNT Exclusives Round-Up

Wooohoo! It’s San Diego ComiCon week!

Even though I’m stuck here in England (and in the rain), Hero here can still grab a pizza the action and round up the awesome TMNT exclusives surfacing at this years event.

TMNT-MinimatesDiamond Select Toys. TMNT Mirage-style Minimates set. 3,000 pieces.

Featuring the awesome foursome each with their signature weaponry and 14 points of articulation. A must for minimates enthusiasts! Available from Diamond Selects’ Booth (#2607) for $20. The set is also available for pre-order in the UK via for £13.99.

2015_SDCC_Exclusive_TMNT_Metal_Mutant_Leonardo__scaled_600Playmates. 11″ Metal Mutants Leonardo.

Available for $50 from the Nickelodeon booth (#4113), a limited chrome-edition and preview of the upcoming Dimension-X edition figures set to hit the shops later this year. Based on the Turtles’ appearance in and theme of season 4. Leonardo is kitted out with all new space exploration tech and armed with souped-up laser katanas. Buzz Lightyear never had a better ally!

vinylTMNTLoyal Subjects. Vinyl Figures Sets. 500 pieces (Stealth and Battle Tested sets)

In addition to a solo 5” Leonardo figure, Loyal Subjects are offering 3 different Action Vinyl 4-packs in the usual 3” scale. The 4-packs range from Stealth, Battle Tested and Comic coloured themes. Stealth and Battle Tested sets available from the Loyal Subjects booth (#5050), Comic set and solo Leonardo available from Nickelodeon (#4113).

latest1IDW Comics. TMNT #44 (signed, 50 pieces) and Casey & April #1 (exclusive cover, 300 pieces)

IDW TMNT #44 available in a $40 set featuring two cover variants signed by the man himself – Kevin Eastman! Casey & April #1 is available for $5. All obtainable from the IDW booth (#2743).

keychainsFactory Entertainment Key Chains set. (500 pieces). Raphael Monochrome Sai set. (100 pieces)

3D foam keychain set featuring the Turtles and green jumpsuit variant April. $45 from Factory Entertainment (#3645). Also available is a monochrome variant of the Raphael replica sai set with a limited release at $350.


To all those attending ComiCon this year, “Avva Good un'” as we say in Bristol. July 10th on a personal note is also my birthday, and its awesome to have a little extra that day to look forward to seeing even in the capacity of an internet spectator. I will certainly be watching the TMNT Panels.

Enjoy the event, the collectable clutter you can bring home, but most importantly the company of the people you mix with whether ‘fan’ or ‘famous’.

I’ll join you one day.

Waddingtons, Hero Turtles Card Game 1990

Whilst hunting for treasure at the Fathers Day Car Boot sale I came across this gem. – The Waddingtons Teenage Mutant HERO Turtles card game!!!

Waddingtons used to distribute many major name board game licenses in the UK before they went defunct in 1994.

I had this card set for my birthday in 1990 and it was a favorite non-action figure TMHT item piece of my old fan collection. Nearly 25 years later I spent just £1 to buy this part of my childhood back and am happy to share it.

Sorry for the poor auto-cropping on some of these scans. I intend to post better scans of the full set artwork in a later entry  Watch this space!

TMHT_Cards_0002TMHT_Card_Mikey TMHT_Card_RatKing TMHT_Card_Wingnut TMHT_Card_Rpah

Abandoned TOKKA & Rahzar art (( 2000 )) :: Abandoned "RAHZAR" art (( 2000 ))

☠  ☠

–>> The FUGLY work no one asked to see, but recently dug up.. here’s some odd, old never before published work from the crusty-old Tokka-archives  – – that only a Mother would love  .. or stick under a bird-cage. :: Abandoned "Shredder vs. Donatello" art (( 2000 ))

☠ ☠

Not 100% sure but these are possibly the among the first illustrations i started drawing of these particular characters post my accident in 1999 where my signature style really started to change and develop into what it is now. Not sure. These prolly date to late ’99 – 2000. This is is the first real time they’ve been presented fully, :: Abandoned "TOKKA" art (( 2000 )) :: Abandoned "M0S-33, Mousee the Mouser" art (( 200x ))

• •

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..thanks for your patience, SNAPPER TRAPPERS, as Tokka is , as ususal “SWAMPED” this season !! !! !! Back later !!



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