Someone is in Biggs Trouble

This just in, someone famous said something incredibly stupid, causing an uproar from people who disagree, leading them to grab their torches and pitchforks and call for his head, or at least his job.

For those of you who don’t know by now, all 5 of you, Jason Biggs took to Twitter during the Republican National Convention and posted some off color tweets about the candidates and their wives and even Clint Eastwood. (Since this is a family blog I’ll refrain from posting them. Then again, you could probably hit Google for the particulars of the bile.) Since then parents have called for Nickelodeon to fire him from his new gig as Leonardo, leader of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (hey, maybe that’s why this is showing up here.)

Now I’m not going to defend Biggs’ tweets, because quite frankly they’re indefensible, (That and I’m… a REPUBLICAN!!! Duh Duh DUH!!!!) BUT I will say, this is ‘Merica, and Jason Biggs can say pretty much whatever he wants (except maybe “FIRE!!” in a crowded theater). I may disagree with what he said, and find it to be beyond vile, but come on man, 1st Amendment, he can post whatever he wants to Twitter. He is within his rights to discuss Paul Ryan’s masturbatory habits.

That being said his Freedom of Speech doesn’t mean Freedom from Consequences. Biggs can spew whatever disgusting garbage comes into his diseased mind, but you know what, Nickelodeon has every right to fire the bum too. I don’t know what his contract say, if it has a morality clause or not, but if Nick feels that his speech is just sick enough, they can fire him. It’s their call.

I’m not gonna call for Jason Biggs head. (To be honest, I kinda hope they don’t. Could you imagine the delay to the series if they have to redub his lines? Although it would make the Leo FX figure sooo collectable.) That’s all up to Nick. Besides, I’d hate for someone to come to me and tell me that I couldn’t post what I want to on-li….THIS POST HAS BEEN CENSORED BY PEOPLE WHO DISAGREE WITH KEVIN MCGILL’S POINT OF VIEW. TAKE THAT CONSTITUTION!

Edit: Folks have been wanting to know what was actually said. Jason’s comments can be found in this article. Please note: Extremely foul language.

Article containing Jason’s original comments

11 thoughts on “Someone is in Biggs Trouble

  1. He can say what he wants about politicians and Clint Eastwood. His comments, however, regarding the wives of the candidates is inexcusable– such things said about Michele Obama would have been met with swift condemnation and a mea culpa from the man himself. I can’t yell “fire” in a theater, and I can’t threaten to kill anyone, especially the President of the U.S.

    He will never be “Leonardo” to me, not after this.

  2. Wish I could see what he actually said so I could condemn him for something specific, but since it appears that the allegedly offensive tweets were moved I can only say: I don’t follow him because I find his humor crass, and made that decision months ago.

    I have absolutely no love or respect for the GOP what so ever, and hope that maybe this outcry will hasten that segment of the US to wake up and push for more civility in all political discourse. But I’m not holding my breath.

    As for his job, I hope he keeps it. He’s a great actor.

  3. At this point I could care less if Nickelodeon excecs decide to fire Mr. Biggs or not, but as you said, Jester, I certainly don’t want to see them have to delay the series premiere. I say keep the original recorded lines for the first season as is and then if they have to later on, fire Jason and replace him with a different actor.

  4. Sorry Plastron, but it’s stuff like this that go to prove that NEITHER side seems capable of reasoned civil discourse.

  5. Jester,

    You’ll have to be more specific. Are you referring to Biggs’ comment or mine.

    I can’t speak for his as I never saw his comments, but could write volumes about mine.

    Both sides could do their part for certain, because it’s not as if one side own the patent for misogyny.

  6. Give me a flippin’ break. I have no idea how people can justify making ANY sort of deal out of this, big or small. Of all the the crap people are spewing about politicians lately, people have the nerve to get mad because an actor made a joke about Paul Ryan masturbating to his widows’ peak? REALLY? Tell me that you don’t have friends right now that haven’t said worse.

    This is ridiculous, and a non-issue. Find something WORTH being mad about.

  7. After having read the article, and the offending tweets my response is:

    Seriously? That’s it?
    I mean…I don’t want to be dismissive to the people he offended, and I’m by no means telling them that they can’t be offended, however I have been on the receiving end of far worse insults on pretty much every fanboy forum I’ve ever visited. So it’s more than possible that I’m desensitized.

    Comments like that are why I don’t follow Biggs. Reactions like the ones he’s gotten are why the comments will keep coming. Want them to stop? Be as angry about denouncing them when they’re levied against people you don’t like as much as you are when they’re said in the direction of people you do.

    Still don’t think he should lose his job because he’s crass. Especially seeing as people proposing to legislate far greater misogyny are being elected to public office.

  8. Love this blog, never commented before.

    My opinion: Biggs should be fired. He should not be associated with, let alone voicing, positive, moral, upstanding characters like Leonardo and the TMNT. He shouldn’t have anything to do with a kid friendly network like Nick. It’s a contradiction. He has every right to say what he said, but there should be consequences. Why the hell did Nick hire him in the first place? This is the kind of contradictory, blind eye turning, Hollywood BS that contributes to the deterioration of the moral fiber of this country. Have some standards people, wake up.

  9. I don’t think he should be fired. I think Jester should refrain from his own political views. I no longer respect his contributions to this site knowing he’s opening a Republican. Shame on you. You should be embarrassed.

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