–>> To add to Steph’s GGM TMNT TATOO CLUB postings, **ADAM shares his life long obsession with his favourite green team and adds a stellar..familiar ‘ Laird / Berger ‘ inspired LEO stance to his bod.


Author: tOkKa

tOkKa :: infamous snapper, hench-mutant, & bungle-brain ,beakie-buzzard,snappin' snap-head ..n' chow-chump,enemy of Ninja Turtles. A invertible anomaly in the TMNT fandom unto himself. As a schizophrenic Pop-artist ; tOkKa ..:: Fan-fave ,shunn-'ED'/ lauded by masses, Misunderstood by high percentages.. a cult following has developed by the guy that just doesn't seem to fit into any single category Never-mind his 'Foot Fetish' @ .. !! "Quoting Macbeth since 1991.."

3 thoughts on “ADAM's LEO TATT !!”

  1. –>> Soon, i hope. It’s been an issue of $$ over the years.

    The reason i went with my first tat as SPACE INVADERS cuz that was my first video game i ever played. In fact that one isn’t even done. The goal is to get the FOOT CLAN sprite from the original NES game ( they ripped it right out of TMNT v.1 #1 ) ,the 2003 3-toe Dragon symbol for the Foot , and then the TMNT III Manhattam Project Tokka sprite. After that i’d love to get one of each of the TMNT’s from the four old school games. Like say Raph from NES , Mike from TMNT II Nes, Leo from Manhattan Project, and Don from TMNT in Time. Then subsequently Shredder and Rahzar sprites.

    But that’s quite a grande undertaking, and until i can afford it i’m kind of on ground zero. My friend is experimenting on himself right now with a Tattoo gun. He’s an accomplished artist out of LA himself so it’s actually pretty good practice for him. What he’s done on himself is actually pretty good so far. In time if he can swing it and if he gets better at working on other people – i offered to trade some work for his tattoo services. We’ll see.

    I really wanna go all out with TMNT sprite tattoos to compliment the SPACE INVADERS one.

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