Lone Rat & Cubs / TMNT Holiday 2017 Ornaments

Welcome to the weekend, ‘Shellheads’!  Be sure to catch the latest Tales of The TMNT episode “Lone Rat & Cubs” airing on Nickelodeon this Sunday.

Synopsis: “When Hamato Yoshi is mutated into a sewer rat, he must learn to survive the difficult life of a mutant on the run while also protecting four baby, mutant turtles from the Kraang” (wikipedia)

Carlton have recentley unveiled new TMNT Christmas ornaments for 2017. Whilst the Mikey and Don figurines are reissued from previous years, there are new designs for Leonardo and Raphael. These start shipping next month and can be pre-ordered here:
That’s a wrap for now. Grab a slice and enjoy the weekend.

Wanted: Bebop & Rocksteady : The Gallery

Things have been a bit slow through 2017 when it comes to TMNT figures released outside America. So, seeing the new Wanted: Bebop & Rocksteady toys (and Usagi!) suddenly appear at UK retail really is a real turn-up!

Bebop & Rocksteady are here paying tribute to thier 1980’s predecessors. These two heavys are still the new incarnations of the dopey duo, but given a throwback facelift. The upcoming 3-episode arc of Nick TMNT season 5 should give a full explaination of this theme.

Take some time to marvel at the gallery put together of these ‘Fall/Autumn 2017’ Playmates releases. There’s also some comparisons thrown in too.


UK Tesco Exclusive, Combat Packs.

Check out our exclusive gallery of the recently surfaced UK Tesco Exclusive 2-pack TMNT figures. Click on an image to enlarge.

**Polite Note** Please do not reuse these images without GGM credit/permission.


mutagenman_close leo_close fishface_close mikey_back1 mikeyvsfishface2 leovsmutagenman2 mutagenman_fishface1 leo_mikey1 group_1 leo3 fishfacevsleo mutagenman_3 mutagenman_2 mutagenman_1 fishface_3 fishface_2 mikeyvsfishface1 mikey1 fishface_1 leo1

UK Smyths Toys. Winter 2016 Catalog

The holidays are coming and toy adverts are on the increase! The latest toy catalog from Smyths toys arrived at our UK HQ this morning with a little more than 3 pages dedicated to products featuring the awesome foursome!

smythscatalog_0001 smythscatalog_0002 smythscatalog_0003

Megabloks TMNT Advent Calendar pt.2

After 6 weeks in the drafts section – Part 2 is here!


Small assembly guide behind each door. If I have not advised before, please use some blu tak or playdoh to keep the shuriken tree topper in place. Ours sadly disappeared after the shoot.


Each Turtle has his own pizza with slightly color co-ordinated festive toppings. Yum!


Spike tucking into Christmas Lunch!


Christmas Casey complete with green sleeves and Santa Red hockey stick!

IMG_9870 IMG_9871 IMG_9872

Even Shredder is making effort to get into the holiday spirit with a green belt. Props to Saki!


Donnie posing with his Yeultide Pizza . Purple icing looks delicious!


Golden Mousers on the attack!


Donnie and his festive haul of Mr Bean’s Teddy and Bo-Staff holder. Each Turtle gets a weapon holder of their own and make great additions to the Sewer Lair set along with some of the other pieces.