Bath-Time TMNT by Tesco

IMGP7752 New TMNT bathtime items have surfaced in the UK.

The first is a series of ‘bathbombs’ that contain a mystery head and shoulders mini figure, the second is as a Leonardo ‘3D model’ bath gift containing bubble bath.IMGP7750

The Leonardo ‘3D Model’ priced at £7 (approx.$11 USD) is good quality and worth keeping beyond its use as a bubble bath container. It also appears to be a Tesco exclusive.

Having tried the bath bombs with my baby son, I can confirm that they turn the water bright ‘ooze’ green, but the figure is nothing special and poor quality. Definitely worth buying for its sole purpose alone and for the color change gimmick.l_tmnt_fizzers_main1

The bath bombs are produced by Kokomo Studios who previously produced its own bubblebath in the shape of a Kraang Ooze vail.

These products can also be purchased here

The TMNT brand is continuing to make bath time more fun. Hopefully someone in the think tank will devise a katana-themed back scrubber!357-9673_PI_TPS2286693

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