“Budget Cuts”

"Budget Cuts" :: 03122009
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“Budget Cuts” A visual and interactive commentary on the financial crisis gripping the city of Colorado Springs.

Featuring the work of local artists, produced from reclaimed materials, each targeting one of the many dilemmas weakening our community. The …state of affairs in Colorado Springs is a constant topic of discussion all over the city, and Rubbish hopes to present imagery that will stay in the collective mind of the citizens of 80903 and beyond…

TONIGHT!!! join us for the opening of BUDGET CUTS- featuring THE LOST CITY by spika, and works by stan baldwin, gloria lynch, logan bartlett, juanita canzoneri, tokka, adam leech, nethery wylie, joseph fernandez, lorenzo white, bradley flora, josh kennard, erin jones and lorelei beckstrom!

OPEN @ 5:30 pm. Live Music from The Ghost of Micheal Clark, Goodnight Stranger, and Eavesdrop beginning at 7:30

Closing reception will be Friday, April 2 from 5:30 to 11:00pm with music from Megan LeFurge, John Strelec, and The Spaghetti Harvest @ 7:30

Local illustrator and urbanist J. David Thorpe will be giving a talk on the why, what, and how of the Colorado Springs infrastructure on Sunday, March 14th @ 3pm.

GOPHER A. RIDE 471-POOL // Hitchin - A - Ride av.

Rubbish Gallery is located at 17b Bijou Street, in the alley behind Old Chicago and across from 15c. We’re open Fridays & Saturdays from 5:30pm-10:30pm, or by appointment @ 719.355.0280. email us at lorelei@rubbishgallery.com
GOPHER A. RIDE 471-POOL // peek

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