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Our very own editor and soon to be staff writer, Machias Banshee, has recently been writing episode reviews for our friends at The Independent Comics Site. You can check out her most recent one here, and while you’re there, you can sift around for her others. What better way to support us, her, and our friends at Independent Comics all at the same time?

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Archie's TMNT TPB Featured Item in Previews!

Archie TMNT collected book in Previews.

Previews is (the comic industry’s monthly catalogue magazine) featuring Michael Dooney’s original Archie miniseries! Archie are reprinting this book with all new colors for the 25th Anniversary of the TMNT! Its appearance in Previews means that it will be in stores and available to purchase in May. Tales of the TMNT #58 is also listed, featuring the return of the C.O.W.Boys of Moo Mesa! Make sure you get down to your comic shops (or even your online stores like B&N now!) and put in your order!

Scan of Previews' Article
Scan of Previews' Article