What's That You Say?!

Our quiet buddies at NECA peeped about their Toyfair 09 experience a few days ago via their website.

In their blog post, you’ll catch this:

Movie buffs lost their heads when they saw Boondock Saints righteous killers Connor MacManus and Murphy MacManus given the deluxe treatment in our very own Cult Classics line, and The Governator himself never looked better than he did on our shelf as part of our brand new Terminator 2: Judgment Day line! Cool Toy Review’s photo gallery has pics of the whole booth ready for viewing, including our Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Villain Assortment (check out that Krang!) and Series 2 of our line based on the hit game/cultural marking point Street Fighter IV. Chun Li never had it so good.

So thing’s are looking good for the NECA wave two releases if you ask me. Keep the faith brothers and sisters!

P.S. Those Street Fighter IV figures are also made of awesome.

Edit: I also just noticed they refer to the Utrom character as Krang…Interesting.

Usagi Statue Prototypes

Did you know that this year is also the 25th anniversary of Stan Saki’s Usagi Yojimbo? Well it is! You can catch stan’s blog in Our friends section.

While you’re there, you can check out the prototypes of these awesome new statues!


Here are Stan’s words about them:

Roel has taken out the license to produce Usagi statues, and they are the best I have seen. I had the first three prototypes proudly displayed on my table. I had lots of room, seeing as I had sold out of all my books by noon the previous day. These were bronze colored statues, but the productions models will be full color (though the bronze ones look pretty good too). The Jotaro figure will also include one of my signature lizards. Dark Horse and I had run out of the 25th anniversary posters, but there were still people inquiring about them.