TMNT Treasures: Pre-Mutation Splinter Puppet


Welcome to what may be our most exciting TMNT Treasures installment to date. It was my great luck and extreme pleasure to be able to acquire the Pre-Mutation Splinter Puppet from the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie. This puppet was made by the Jim Henson Creature Shop, and can be seen in the movie during Splinter’s origin story told to April O’Neil. As this transaction JUST took place moments ago, i only have the pictures the selling party took of the puppet, but as soon as he comes in more photos will be available. On behalf of all of us at GoGreenMachine, I am extremely excited to bring this piece back into the community after 20 years lost in the void.



TMNT Treasures – April 10th, 2009

Welcome back to our reoccurring blog special feature – TMNT Treasures.

For those of you who followed my first turtles blog, or are a veteran member of, you probably remember when I found this.


This is a hand painted urethane cast of an unreleased version of Pizza Face. This piece was acquired directly from Anaglyph Sculpture (a company that was contracted to do many of the early ninja turtles sculpts) and has been certified by their creative director as being the only copy to exist.


As the story goes, somewhere in the decision making process it was determined that the second head was too weird and gruesome for the target demographic. So they made the chef’s hat permanently attached. You’ll also notice that there is less “Pizza Sauce” on the final version.

Well, that is about it for this edition of TMNT Treasures. Hope you enjoyed reading it!

Collector Corner – Profiles in the Fandom!


Here’s the latest profile for your viewing pleasure! I’m still looking for more fans to profile so please contact me (click my name in the “Contact Us” section) to see yourself profiled. Thanks!

 –>> tOkKa
1) Please tell us a little about your self.

 –>> .. your questions make me feel awkward and uncomfortable.

i am the terribly manic MIKEY’S TMNT .com News Snapper & owner and proprietor of suicidally sensational

; a showcase of one of the planet’s
most hated, writhing , struggling ,languishing, and despised pop- /comic/ and low brow artists..
..i am also amongst the owner & writer of many drawn-out and pointless long running sentences.
I have too many interests for my own good. Loving allot of Tokatsu ..especially the old Spider-man one from the 70s. I have a meager Gamera / King Kong / Kaiju vinyl collection and select other things like Nintendo, Star Wars, Namco , Smashing Pumpkins , 8-bit merch ect. So .. i dunno.
I also dabble in macrame and Jazz Fusion involving spaghetti colanders .
Mentioning the name of ‘ Tokka ‘ among others in the comic industry ( or any other art related venue ) promptly instigates hushes, whispers, and plots by hillbillies in broken down old Chevrolet pick-ups to chase after me down the dusty road in ‘ MOBS ‘ with torches & pitchforks and a crusty ol’ wailing hound dog named JEB.

Yes ..everything i touch or do sparks controversy and leads to much shunning of Tokka and his work for well over a decade now !! And i don’t even try !! !!

However a cult following has popped up for what i do over the years and that has helped .. the ♥ those people show for me.

I am supposedly also the subject of numerous police sketches involving “SUPPOSED” Bolivian bank heists. You can find my warrant poster in post offices all over

Bolivia. I even have my own ‘ TOPPS Suspected Bank Heist Operatives ‘ Bubble Gum card !!
I also excel at self – loathing.
So what’s new with you ??


2) How long have you been collecting TMNT and what prompted you to start?

–>> .. gee whizz , i don’t know.. .. prolly about since 1989 .. i’m obsessive compulsive so i think that’s what prompted me to start.

3) What specifically do you collect (toys, comics, etc.) and how large is your collection?

–>> .. .. collect as many toys as i can, especially the more odd-ball ones. My friends have much more extensive, complete, and organized collections than me. Mine is much more random ..uncatagorized .. allot of it’s just pure crap. But it’s rather huge.
I do have allot of special ..unique art, old moldy food items, TMNT display items and old packages, peg – toys , international comic and toy releases, and the frightening ‘ Ninja Hero Rider ‘ horse toy, video games, and handhelds. So much of this stuff i had to bust my ass off for and some of it i’m kind of proud of. There is allot that is out on display, some is still on card, and tons of it is packed up in boxes and buckets. Some day i hope to display most of this crap more prominently ..
But i’ve been trying to dig myself out of the junkyard for a long time now , i display what i can. ;/


4) What is your favorite piece in your collection and why?

–>> .. that’s not a fair question .. .. i have allot of favourites.
Um one of them tho’ .. also is the most disgusting, an unopened bag of ‘Pizza Crunchabungas’ . I had a small stash of these. They were so awful tasting tho’ i never finished them. I tossed most of the contents in the compost but saved the bags. One bag tho’ remains ‘ intact ‘ . 20 million years after i have left this blue sphere .. the Crunchabungas shall remain ..prolly enshrined and worshiped by the cockroaches that will take over and rule the planet for the next 42,000000000000000000000 zillion years. Look for their uprising some time around the year 2014.
I am also very fond of the ‘ TMNT Vs. Shredder ‘ pasta cans and the exclusive Super Shredder from Chef Boyardee.
Art wise .. i have a small and growing collection of ‘ Shredder, Tokka , and Rahzar art’ . Among them, a hand traced ‘Tokka’ movie concept design from the original TMNT II movie archives .. created by Kevin Eastman himself. I love my DARK DEVIL SHREDDER figure as well.



5) How do you store/display your collection at home?

–>> ..some of it is on the walls, some of it is all over the floor with slobber and bite marks, .. buckets, shelves, boxes , piles of clutter.
So random, man .
Actually it seems anymore i collect allot of dust more than anything.
I’d love to go into detail with you about my dust collection one of these days.
Again, someday .. hopefully i’ll have a better living situation and life won’t be so chaotic. Maybe the economy won’t tank .. and maybe i can treat my collection with a bit more respect than it deserves.

But well .. welcome to hell, folks.. .. that’s what life it like living in the junkyard .. ** ** graahhh !! ** **

If none of that happens .. you’ll fine my spikey, rotting corpse laying crushed under 23 tons of stale bags of Pizza Crunchabungas.

There’s allot of my Turtle garp i post like a rabid snapper on my infamous FlickR account if you are so inclined ..




6) What are your top five most wanted TMNT collectibles?

–>> DAMM um..

More ART , I would like a more exstensive Shredder ( Foot Clan, Tokka, & Rahzar collection), The Shreddermobile, the cover art to Bodycount # 4 by Simon Biz , and some prop from TMNT 2 from one of the Tokka suits.. anything . There’s prolly more, but well .. whatever – i don’t know.
Thanks for your questions.. .. i hope you you don’t need a sedative now . Can i go back to panicking now ?!
(( Also the dog just got into all the unopened Crunchabungas and barfed ’em up all over carpet in the living room. Now i gotta get the steam cleaner out and scrub up all that m –
wait a sec .. !!

I DON’T HAVE A DOG !! !! !! )) 0 _ 0 ~~ ** !! !!

>_< ~~ **

..whatever .. love you , bye bye. XO XO XOXOXOOO..

~~ Burp .. **



Collector Corner – Profiles in the Fandom!


Ladies and Gents we have our second profile up for your viewing pleasure. I’m still looking for more fans to profile so please contact me (click my name in the “Contact Us” section) to see yourself profiled. Just answer the below questions and you’re done. You’ll be famous!

Ben  AKA Bigfoot 

1) Please tell us a little about your self.

I was born and raised in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. My birthday is November 10, 1980.

2) How long have you been collecting TMNT and what prompted you to start?

By growing up in the 80’s, the TMNT cartoon seemed to be my gateway into the collecting aspect. It started out as me as a kid asking Mommy if I could get a toy, every time she said yes, it was TMNT related! I got to the point where I had to earn my money or do chores, and TMNT stayed on my list of things to spend money on.

I remember middle school and how playing with toys was no longer cool. Collecting sports cards, comic books, foreign money, and playing video games became my new hobbies. TMNT comic books gave me my fix that needed and that I missed out on pre-cartoon. I was by no means a comic collector and only have a couple. I read them, and shared them with friends. Years went by and TMNT faded away, I had girlfriends, jobs, and finished college.

In 2003, just when TMNT were making a comeback, I met my fiancé. She was a gamer girl when we met and she new all about fandom and all that other geeky stuff. Because of this, I probably feel more free to go as wild as I do with TMNT/eBay purchases these days

3) What specifically do you collect (toys, comics, etc.) and how large is your collection?


4) What is your favorite piece in your collection and why?

My favorite piece in my collection these days would have to be my small sub-collection of error figures and/or cards. I have several figures in the wrong package, figures without or with the wrong accessories, and mislabeled packages.

5) How do you store/display your collection at home?

I opened my toys when I was a kid, but was so grateful to have them that I didn’t want other kids playing with them. It was very seldom that my parents could afford to buy me “extra” toys, and when they could, I did the best I could to take care of them. I had a cigar box that my grandfather had given me, that all my accessories went in as soon as I opened a new toy. Since I started re-collecting in 2003, I have left everything MOC, and displayed them on pegs just like they hang at the store. It is kind of like my own all TMNT toy store. I even have store signage that gives it that retail look.

6) What are your top five most wanted TMNT collectibles?

Top 5 Most Wanted:

– MOC Scratch

– Graded First Edition/Print #1 comic book

– Any cool action figure with another language on the packaging.

– Any movie prop.

– A poster from the cover of first NES game, autographed by everyone ever involved with TMNT.

All pics are sweet customs made by Ben!




TMNT Treasures – Official Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Fan Club Kit

The things I do for you people. I bought this item pretty much knowing that I was going to use it for a Treasures post.

So here we have a SEALED Official Fan Club Kit. You had to send in for this little beauty with an order form in the original 88 figures. These “Fan Club Flier” figures are actually quite valuable these days in and of themselves.

It was a bitter sweet decision when I decided to…open this. But I did it! Shed your collector tears now and lets move on to the good stuff!


First off, we have the introduction Letter. It Reads:

Dear Concerned Citizen,

Congratulations. From this day forward and for the next twelve months you are an official member of the Turtle Force.

This title confers certain responsibilities: as an honorary reptile you must do battle with the forces of evil wherever you may find them. You must always be ready to fight for truth and justice, and where truth and justice are not immediately at issue you much remember to behave yourself.

To help you live up to these lofty expectations, we’ve enclosed your Official Turtle Force Fan Club Kit. In it you’ll find an exotic array of Turtles paraphernalia, including a limited-edition Turtes mini comic book, a color Turtles sticker, your official Turtle Force membership car and wall certificate, and of course, your official Turtles bandanna.

Membership also entitles you to a one-year subscription to the Turtles’ official newsletter, THe Chaos Chronicle. Your first issue should be arriving soon, so keep your eyes peeled.

And again, congratulations. Your fan club kit will provide hours of fun and moral guidance. Read it, learn it, live it, and be careful. The bad guys don’t always wear costumes.

A.J. Marsiglia


Man…that was a lot of typing. Onward!

This is the Wall Certificate and the membership card. I am really considering doing scans of the membership card and shopping out the number so people can download the image and make their own (I’ll ask Steve for permission tomorrow)



Here we have the order form for buying various retail TMNT items. I believe this was the only way that you could spend Pizza Points.





Next we have the “limited-edition” comic book. It LOOKS like rough Laird art. I’m sure someone out there can confirm or deny this. The story is a variation on the turtles first meeting with the MWS April O’Neil.





Then we have the Sticker. This is actually one of my favorite stickers, a friend of mine had given me one a long time ago and it was on my car for a very long time.


This next item is the only thing in the kit not made of paper. This is the “official” Ninja Turtles Bandanna…I’d wear it. It’s neat!


And the last item in the kit is probably my favorite because it’s a really silly thing to have put in there…A $0.25 coupon for Thomas’ English Muffins!



Well gang, that’s all for this edition of TMNT Treasures. I hope you enjoyed the walk down memory lane as much as I did…Now if you’ll excuse me, I am suddenly craving an English Muffin!