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Back at Toy Fair 2012, there was a preview of some Ninja Turtles figures that weren’t released in the first wave. It included the two top hench mutants in the new Nickeloden cartoon, Dogpound and Fishface as well as a preview of Metalhead. At the time none of the three were final versions and their release date was unknown. Earlier this week, an avid TMNT fan over at the Tehcnodrome, Donatello19, spotted that they had been updated to “Coming Fall 2012” on the official Playmates website. I decided to reach out to my contacts at Playmates to see if this was true and if they were an official new wave or if they’d get mixed into the current case ratios.


The new figures will be mixed in with the other 9 figures and should be available on the website Fall of 2012.


I figured this was the case, but this confirms it. The figures will be added to the current case assortments and the series will be updated that way, just as the vintage figures were. Instead of doing a traditional “Wave 2”, these will be more like a Wave 1.5 type update. Be sure to check store shelves in the fall, probably around the time the new Nickelodeon cartoon debuts and of course, be sure to keep visiting Infinite Hollywood for reviews of all the TMNT toys!

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–>> ** Yeh, this photo depresses me too – however here’s an  exclusive tour of NECA STUDIOS in N.J. from last summer courtesy of figures.com. It may help ease your pain  –  or maybe not .. but it will give you some insight on the inner workings of  this Fan-fave pop-culture  to plastic company and the figure making process.

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