Dragonfly – A Graphic Novel by Jim Lawson

Well, looks like we’ve got some more original projects coming down the pipeline from our beloved Mirage guys.

Talking with Steve Levigne a few weeks back, he had mentioned that Jim was working on an original graphic novel. Jim explains a little bit about his new project:

I came up with the idea to do Dragonfly about a year ago. I’ve done dinosaur comics in the past, but I wanted this one to be a little different.
Although I’ve just labeled this a dinosaur comic, I don’t really consider it simply that. In the pages of Dragonfly, I knew that I wanted to gather all the creatures, things and characters that I have an affinity for- aliens, robots, funky post-apocalyptic vehicles and then of course, the occasional T-Rex.
Secondly, I made my decision early in the creative process to include both human and anthropomorphized characters in this world. I think that the cast of a story is terribly important and I’ve put a lot of thought into developing characters that work well together and enhance one another. The relationship that these individuals have seems like it could lead to some fun interactions and situations. Along with that, I wanted this new comic to be a little wacky and strange- I didn’t want to be constrained by scientific fact, or things that just wouldn’t be possible in our reality.

I’d not heard of this Kickstarter website before, so I looked into it. To contribute, you can offer Any amount… even a dollar. And Jim’s got all sorts of little treats and privileges to offer as a thank you for helping him reach his goal.

So if you like Jim’s artwork and want to chip in, or if you’re just curious to see what he’s up to, stop in and take a peek:



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