Ebay Alert: A.C. Farley Leo Bust


Most of the regulars on this blog either have or want one of these, so I thought I’d post this up before it gets expensive or ends. Click the Picture.

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  1. Hi,

    Here’s a few facts about this bust… It’s one of the few sculpts I’ve ever done and the ONLY sculpture I’ve ever done professionally. It’s very rare, since it was planned to be a 500 run limited edition, but only around 80 were made. I have two of them… the one that I assembled and painted as an example for the guy that painted them, and one in a box unpainted. There are some painted and some unpainted out there in the world. I don’t know how many were painted.

    We at Mirage had originally wanted to do full figure ‘Mirage type TMNT’ sculptures of all four Turtles, but Mirage had a contract with Playmates that included rights to any full figure TMNT product. We ran into a lot of this kind or brick wall because of licensing. We couldn’t even make our own Mirage T-shirts with TMNT on them for awhile, because a company had purchased exclusive rights to make TMNT clothing. Weird, huh? So the best we could negotiate with Playmates was permission to do a limited edition bust, instead of a full figure. The model making company that contracted to cast the busts COMPLETELY dropped the ball on this project and so there were only around 80 made, cast in plain resin, instead of the 500 bronze filled resin busts that we had planned for in the beginning.

    So the busts are even more rare and even more limited than anyone planned at first.

    That cover photo is the actual unpainted, Sculpey build. I gave that to Pete Laird after the casting.

    A.C. Farley

  2. What is the value of the TMNT Leo limited edition collector’s Bust?
    Any help would be much appreciated.
    Thanks 🙂

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