Exclusive repaint VS packs found in UK ASDA

Even though figures of Bebop and Rocksteady are yet to have a UK release, repaints of these two have already been found in ASDA – with touched-up Turtles as sparring partners. These each retail for £14:99

Rocksteady VS Michelangelo, Raphael VS V2 Shredder (w/purple trousers sans cape), and Leonardo VS Bebop are among the line-up. For some reason, there appears to be no Donatello VS set.

Great to see the UK have some exclsuive figures again.

Big thanks to Combi 101’s TMNT reviews member Rob Wilson for the heads up and pictures.

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Mutations Raph and Leo vehicles are also out! (Retailing each for £19:99). To quote a certain popular toy reviewer; “Happy hunting, my friends!”

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