FLEER 3-D ACTION “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” // PREVIEWS SOLICITATION PAGE (( June 2003 ))

FLEER  3-D ACTION "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" // PREVIEWS SOLICITATION PAGE  (( June 2003 ))

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–>> These are a little hard to describe.

.. a weird concept, that was kinda both cool and exceedingly odd at the same time.

These PUNCH-OUTs came on trading card sized plastic and the character was disassembled all over the place on the card. They came in packs of 12 .. with small, easily losable joint pieces that were supposed to connect the arms, tails, legs, weapons to make the 2-d character appear 3-dimensional. The effect works ok for “Some” of the figures. Like the Turtles look alright, others.. not so much.

Prolly the tricky thing is they tried to make these things work with a design mixture of using Mike Dooney’s style guide art and modified photographs of the TMNT toys. Shredder’s figure is alright. But Splinter and the Foot Soldier are pretty strange.

Splint almost looks more like some crazy stick puppet or something.

I’m sure these figs were ok for the ‘paper craft’ lovers out there, and again they aren’t that bad. But i guess the whole concept didn’t take off very well. Over a year or two later after these were released – many of the packs were still waiting to be sold on the pegs gathering dust in the trading card section of stores.

Fleer’s history with the TMNT trading cards in general was a little off anyway. Still they managed to release some very cool collectible trading and gaming cards in the past decade.

This was just one instance where the pieces didn’t totally ‘ Fit ‘.


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