'FOREVER WAR' – 5 to 3 *

"Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" Volume 1. #1 / 25th anniversary printing  // TMNT Adventures ' Forever War ' - ad (( 2009 ))

–>> Some questions regarding the drop by 2 issues of the 15 year anticipated TMNT Adventures “FOREVER WAR” that concludes the original Turtles / Archie cult hit have arisen.

Initially advertised and intended ( as seen above ) as a 5 – parter .. it’s been dropped down to a 3 – issue mini series. Hindering speculation, one goes right to the source.

For a simple explanation Dean Clarrain ( a.k.a. Mr.  Murphy ) provides this  ::

” ..I lowered the Forever War run to 3 issues but kept the same overall
page count. I just needed to push it further out in time more cuz I’m
so far behind in writing it…   ”

..so the “Forever War ” is still a W.I.P. at the moment, but still promises to be worth it’s weight ( wait ?! ) in gold. Or Time Slips.. or ..   O’ I don’t know where I was goin with that so I’ll shut – up now.


Author: tOkKa

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  1. Well that’s definitely understandable! As I always say, good things are always worth waiting for. When I heard from Dan that it was shortened to three parts, I thought the story was going to be shortened. But three nice fat issues sound good to me!


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