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–>> Just like Disney ” It all started with a Mouse.” ..
Remember in the live-jive that is TMNT 25.. ::


Luckily this day and age your favourite heroes ( and villains ) and their magnificent stories have adapted and mutated. to ever growing and changing media and technology !!


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**..and the colassal archived collection of the of Jim Lawson ,Dan Berger, and the gangs’ newspaper strip masterpiece is available daily to freshly fuel you Turtle noobs and Classic Fans alike with a daily does of TMNT Comic power !! !!

The comic strip is the only TMNT universe where it ALL collides !!
Guest stars a’plenty from Renet, Merdude, Savanti Romero, Monty Moose, Hot Head, Casey Jones, Mary Bones,Tatoo,The Utroms, and of coarse April, Bebop, Rock, Leatherhead, The Fish People, Usagi,Rat King, Krang and more. And it just wouldn’t be the Turtles without SHREDDER to cause problems !! !! And a whole host of entirely new characters specific to the strip like the Mutagen Beastie !! !! !! !!

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Author: tOkKa

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