Go Green Machine's Official Launch!

Hello everyone! Welcome to GoGreenMachine.org!

Go Green Machine is a collaborative blog project written and run by some of the brightest and best that the TMNT community has to offer. We are (or rather will strive to be) your central location for TMNT news and related happenings. Due to our great friends and sources, we will be able to provide you with unique perspective, and insider information that you won’t be able to find anywhere else. You’ll also see frequent Guest blogs by many of the faces you are probably familiar with in the TMNT Multiverse!

While many of our design elements have yet to be solidified, we are confident enough in our inaugural staff to go ahead and consider Go Green Machine A FULLY ARMED AND OPPERATIONAL BATTLESTATION! *ahem* Sorry, got a little carried away…

At any rate, we hope you enjoy our site, and if you don’t, we hope you don’t tell anyone that.

Questions, Comments, Concerns, and Death Threats can be sent to Stephan@gogreenmachine.org

P.S. The layout of the site is still considered very temporary. If you would like to take a crack at the layout for us, email me and I’ll send you the current CSS script.

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