Grandreams ‘Hero Turtles’ colouring books

Published by Grandreams between 1990-92 – the UK had a range of ‘Hero’ Turtles coloring books, poster sets and activity books. These were mostly sold in Newsagents and Sweet Shops.

The color-in imagery used within these various stationary books was artwork based on the TV show. A lot of images were the Turtles and Splinter fighting off Mousers and Foot Soldiers. And like with the current censorship, there was not a nunchuck in sight.

No idea who the artist behind these was, but the random pictures were all very well drawn and stood out at the time. Being a coloring book, the images were easy to trace and make customized pictures from. As a kid I never really coloured in any of these and enjoyed copying through on white paper with the help of a desk lamp. The coloring books also had a nice crisp colorless image of the logo to trace around to use. An improvised method to use as I didn’t have a computer or the world wide web back then.

Art I ‘bootlegged’ from one of the coloring pages (1991)

Here are a few scans, and in optionally higher-res for the photoshop generation to have fun with. Click the links to view and download. Have fun!

PIC 1 – Raph in Action!PIC 2 – Splinter VS Mousers

PIC 3 – Don VS MousersPIC 4 – Hamato Yoshi mutates.


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