Half Shell Heroes. Leo with T-Rex!

HsH_PackagingFrontArrived at our UK office this week! The long-awaited larger Leonardo with dinosaur set from the ‘Blast to the Past’ Half Shell Heroes toyline.

Leonardo’s dinosaur pal is looking a little less Triceratops-like… In fact, he isn’t paired up with a large Triceratops at all. Playmates have gone for a repaint of Donatello’s T-Rex companion in a similar color scheme.

This T-Rex is very cool blue all over. Even the inside of his mouth is blue! Or could that be Playmates cutting corners on paint apps again? Oh, Playmates!

Another thing to note is the Leonardo rider figure still has a weapon in hand unlike the other rider Dino-Turtle variants. Having a sword still in hand works well for that “charge into battle” posture.
Apologies for not having a Donatello T-Rex to compare with. Some of us (unlike the sidekick of a certain Intergalactic Wrestling Promoter) are just not made of money. Of course, we’re more than happy for Playmates to send the odd parcel our way *hint*. The best was done with what little there was available. Big thanks to our source btw. You know who you are! 😉


“I-Ho T-Rex away!”

DinoComparisonStanding aside original 90’s Playmates Triceratops from the Cave Turtles line (No 90’s cave Leo on hand, sorry).

eatTokkaDinos HsH_Leos

T-Rex Leo (left) Orange Basic Triceratops Leo (Right)

Hsh1 HsH_PackagingBack

HsH_Leo_George“Dine-Saur. Grrrrrrrr!!!”

LeonardoHsHThe gangs all (mostly) here before Hero Jr takes them away to play with. Thanks for viewing.

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