Hero Jr VS Mega Mutant HH Leo, katana practise.

herojnr_katanaHero here. My 1 year old son Lincoln (or Hero Jr as I like to call him) did pretty well for himself over the Easter weekend. He did not score lots of chocolate eggs (that will come later), but he did receive a fantastic arrival from the USA in the form of Half Shell Heroes, Mega Mutant Leonardo!

Whilst this video may be a little ‘personal’, it is to show how well the Halfshell Heroes pre-cool toyline is going down. I’d also like to add that my son is also left-handed and perhaps a natural with the katana. Here’s hoping Playmates might stop by and see how well one of their bigger little people products is doing :).

Lincoln/Hero Jr loves this Leonardo toy a lot and still cannot be separated from it. This is one very popular toddler interactive TMNT product. Long live Halfshell Heroes!

Author: Hero_777

UK-Based, longterm TMNT enthusiast, proud parent and professional Santa Claus.

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