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Jim Lawson’s work is the stuff of legends, and accolades laud his Thunder Lizard Legends, comics & stories almost as much ( if not more ) than his Turtle work !!


I wanted to title this post- “Paleo: the comic that is harder to kill than the actual dinosaurs themselves”, but that sort of seems to trivialize the biggest mass extinction event in our planet’s history.

Therefore, I’ll simply take this opportunity to announce the introduction of Paleo: The Webcomic.

The content is going to be familiar to anyone who has read the original books, which is to say that we are going to start off with posting issues 1-8. However the new thing (and what I hope will keep me relevant), is that you’ve never been able to read these comics on your iPhone- which is (as I understand), what all the kids like to do. In addition to the first 8 individual issues the TPB Loner story will appear on the new website.

Also, beyond all the known Paleo content, there exists a few unpublished works. With luck and a little effort, those too will be represented. .. –


** “Paleo” is now online, Updated 2x a week ..the tales of the Legendary Lizards everyone loves  !!**


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