“KAPPA II” for tOkKa by Stan Sakai (( 2014 ))

"KAPPA II" tOKKa by Stan Sakai (( 2009 ))

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–>> The preceding piece was done just out of pure kindness by Stan Sakai and for gratis. My favourite works of ALL from Stan are mostly his Yokai Monsters. Being a mysterious entity encountering Usagi and fowling up his travels, or a life & death – one on one battle with a deadly entity of ancient Japanese myth .. ..no one can recreate them in two dimensions quite like Stan. This is the second Kappa he’s ever made for me.

t2z - the tOkKa bootlegz:: "MUTANTS RULE" iThe piece was created last July at SDCC after me personally delivering my submissions for the Sakai Family auction EXTRA INTAKE – extra pieces were taken in after the initial round of auctions to raise additional funds, via **CAPS & ***C.A.F.

t2z - the tOkKa bootlegz:: "MUTANTS RULE" ii

 The submissions included two Tokka “bootleg” pieces, one featuring Usagi’s famous Mutant Turtle friends & an illustration of one of the Ronin’s deadliest & legendary Enemies – LORD HEBI !!

t2z - the tOkKa bootlegz:: "MUTANTS RULE" iii

t2z - the tOkKa bootlegz:: "MUTANTS RULE" iv

t2z - the tOkKa bootlegz:: "MUTANTS RULE" v / ..with Stan Sakai &  Lord Hebi piece

TOKKA-ECKS :: "HEBI" ,baby !!

Please keep tabs with up CAPS on FB if you can for the latest updates on the Sakai Family fundraising and new awesome USAGI YOJIMBO art to add to your collection !! .

I do apologize but Tokka cannot guarantee, at this point – – the availability of the above pieces at this point ( they may have already gone to auction ) but will keep you posted if i am alerted on anything new in regards to the submissions.

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*.. for the record, Jim McNaughton was the reporter on the scene of the incidents involving T.C.R.I.  in TMNT v.1 #7 .. not necessarily a colleague of April’s. ;p


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