Kevin Eastman To Release new TMNT Collection


Hey all,
The all too seldom updated blog of Kevin Eastman got a great update today. In it he announced the release of a collected works book he is releasing for the 25th anniversary. You can check out the blog post here (go there for additional images), or you can read the text below!

Anyway, let me tell you a few things that are going on, too much to fit in for this update, so I’ll share my favorites. As many of you know, and for those that don’t, this year is the 25th anniversary of the TMNT’s!!! Cool Beans! There are a couple of 25th Anniversary things planned this year by Mirage Studios—for the full details/plans/events go to the official TMNT site ( but from my end, I’m doing a little 25th” event I can’t wait to share with you—a new collection of TMNT stories, my favorites, in an all new remastered 180 page book that will be out in time for San Diego!

About half of the stories feature my two favorite TMNT characters, Casey Jones and Raphael, the rest reprint some of my favorite all time TMNT tales! Here’s a quick breakdown;

The Jan Strnad Richard Corben “Turtles Take Time” in its original full color version!

The Mark Bode epic “Shell of the Dragon” in its original glorious black and white!

The FIRST appearance of Casey Jones in the Raphael one shot entitled, “Me, Myself, and I” which has been colored for the first time by the amazing Justin Norman!

The classic Eastman short “Fun With Guns” short story will be colored by the world renowned Blond!

And TMNT #14 by Eastman and Talbot will be reprinted in its original “Duo Shade/Sepia Toned” version!

Other stories will include shorts, “49th Street Stompers” “Complete Carnage and Radical” and “You Had to Be there!” plus intros, pin-ups and a few other surprises!

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