Laird answers Tokka's little questions..

Blast from the Past #34 repost: "Who is this? Fugitoid" iron-on Eastman and Laird (( 1983 )) [[ Courtesy of Laird ]]

–>> Ok .. Here .. Steph,  GGM, Romans,  Countrymen and Woman.
Laird answers Tokka’s tiny little questions.


t : What would be your ideal Crossovers ( imagining if no legal strings were attached ) ??

Laird: “Fugitoid” with “Magnus: Robot Fighter”.

Laird : .. ” but just recently, with the publication of issue #30, I have felt some new energy within myself regarding these comics. That doesn’t mean I am going to go back to a bimonthly schedule… but I think it definitely means there won’t be a year wait between issues.

t : What sparks this energy in you ?!

or what can spark it ?!

Laird : I wish I knew.


Then Laird drills Tokka.

Laird : Tokk, did you steal that credit card out of my wallet ?!

t: Umm..  – – –    O_O **

~~ – – –  { runs away }   *

* .. just kidding about that last part. I  didn’t steal a credit card from his wallet. Honest !!

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