Megabloks TMNT Advent Calendar pt.2

After 6 weeks in the drafts section – Part 2 is here!


Small assembly guide behind each door. If I have not advised before, please use some blu tak or playdoh to keep the shuriken tree topper in place. Ours sadly disappeared after the shoot.


Each Turtle has his own pizza with slightly color co-ordinated festive toppings. Yum!


Spike tucking into Christmas Lunch!


Christmas Casey complete with green sleeves and Santa Red hockey stick!

IMG_9870 IMG_9871 IMG_9872

Even Shredder is making effort to get into the holiday spirit with a green belt. Props to Saki!


Donnie posing with his Yeultide Pizza . Purple icing looks delicious!


Golden Mousers on the attack!


Donnie and his festive haul of Mr Bean’s Teddy and Bo-Staff holder. Each Turtle gets a weapon holder of their own and make great additions to the Sewer Lair set along with some of the other pieces.

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