Mirage At FAN EXPO 2009

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As most of you know Mirage is heading up to Toronto’s FAN EXPO 2009 this year with a special event panel including some pretty cool exclusives!

If you check out the fan expo site you can see what I mean! They are also showing some exclusive scenes from “Turtles Forever”.

Here is the post:


Don’t miss your chance to see the TMNT take part in this year’s Fan Expo Canada! There will be exciting news and activities as the Turtles continue to Shell-ebrate their 25th Anniversary.

On Sunday, Aug.30 from 2- 4pm, there will be a special TMNT panel. See sneak peek clips from the “Turtles Forever” animation special and the upcoming TMNT documentary still in-development! Get all the news and insight from the incredible line up of TMNT guests including:

Gary Richardson (moderator), CEO of Mirage Studios
Lloyd Goldfine, Supervising Producer, 4Kids Productions
Randall Lobb, the Writer/Director of the TMNT documentary
Mirage artists, Mike Dooney, Eric Talbot, and Steve Lavigne

***EDIT FROM STEPHAN*** If anyone is going to be in Toronto for the convention, wielding a video camera, and would like to cover the panel for GoGreenMachine.Org, please contact me at Stephan@GoGreenMachine.Org. Their only stipulation is that you not record any clip from the documentary they may show.

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