MOTHMA’s 1st Annual ART SHOW :: October 16. 2009

MOTHMA's 1st Annual ART SHOW :: October 16. 2009

–>> Well, sorry to post this ( forgive me please ** puppy dawg eyes ** ) ..

Eric’s show is a nice lead in.

but if by chance in hell or high water you are able to attend this freeky show and are in the Southern Colorado area by all means stop in, see the geeks ( and one spiky freek ) as there will be plenty of TMNT surprises and then some in the horror show of horrors that’s actually pretty nice !!

One night only !! Thanks !! Wish me luck !!

~ t

Author: tOkKa

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3 thoughts on “MOTHMA’s 1st Annual ART SHOW :: October 16. 2009”

  1. –>> i can try to post pix later. i sold more original TMNT work than i had comics on hand weird.

    Yeh i ran into many TMNT fans.. and people really fond of that..

    but you aren’t gonna believe this..

    i ran into a number of people that like the MUTANIMALS AN AWFUL LOT ~~ ~~!!

    One young guy was still devastated when they all got killed off !! What a weird show !! !! !!

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