“MOUSER” by Scott Williams a.k.a. BAXTER STOCKMAN

Mouser // {1.0 } ::Season 1 [[ Courtesy 4kids TMNT Blog ]]

New York Comic Con 2012 :: SCOTT WILLIAMS, Mouser & Tokka

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–>> Comic & storyboard artist, stage-actor, voice artist, & professional model maker : Scott Williams.

Scott's "ALIEN".

An illustrator for **Vincent Ferrante’s Witch Hunter comics, double-time work as storyboardist & VA on MTV’s Daria, a tiny bit more of VA highlights in Scott’s repertoire include MTV’s CELEBRITY DEATHMATCH, video games such as Pokémon, & of coarse the 4kids series TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES as the brilliant, grandiose, over-the-top creator of the Mouser Robots BAXTER STOCKMAN.


Professor Baxter Stockman ::Season 1 [[ Courtesy 4kids TMNT Blog ]]Scott provided the truest, most FREAKISH elements of Baxter from the original MIRAGE comics & ran with them. Not only proving just how horrible and insane Baxter really could be, but even giving Baxter a humorous backbone that often counter-balanced the darker tone of the whole series, even at times allowing BAXTER to steal the whole show !! No matter just how many times Shredder & the Turtles cut him down to size, LITERALLY .. Dr.Bax always came back more frightening and disturbing than ever before !! By far in Tokka’s top 3 incarnations of the character.

New York Comic Con 2012 :: "MOUSER" by Scott Williams a.k.a. BAXTER STOCKMAN

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Is Baxter taking any Mouser requests ?? Well if you can stay on the GOOD side of his ego and the price is right – maybe. >;p

H’m .. well how about that. An “actual MOUSER” created by THE ACTUAL “Baxter Stockman” a.k.a. Scott Williams.

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