New Logo and Movie Pics abound!

Hey everyone!

If you haven’t seen it yet, it’s all here… we’ve finally caught glimpse of the new Logo, which looks Very nice, and we’ve been treated to peeks of April, some well-known co-workers, trampolines and Three of our Mo-Capped Turtles in a wicked bad situation. I just had to pull away from FCBD stuff to share this – It’s comin’ out of the woodwork!

MovieWeb and SuperheroHype have some great galleries of Scene pics and logo shots. From the looks of the pics so far, it looks like April’s been relegated to weekly fluff news articles, but she’s going to get a HUGE story involving City-wide crime and corruption dumped into her lap a la the First Movie. Maybe she’s going to have some troubles with the Foot Clan infiltrating the news bureau trying to silence her?

Here’s to hoping Miss Fox can make our April fans proud!

. Here’s just a couple, there’s PAGES of stuff to look at:

There’s oodles of stuff and more to come. It’s feeling better and better to be a turtle fan right now… Keep your eyes peeled for news on Shredder, it’s gotta come out soon!

All pics are courtesy of MovieWeb and SuperHeroHype – thanks guys!


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