“Ninja Turtles: The Next Mutation” :: ‘NINJA TURTLES – MUTATION NATION’ Official Membership Card / Phone Card (( 1998 ))

"Ninja Turtles: The Next Mutation" :: 'NINJA TURTLES - MUTATION NATION' Official Membership Card /  Phone Card (( 1998 ))

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–>> Part of the N.M fan club. membership kit.

I like how Donatello claims to have ‘rigged the membership card with his “phonalator distometer” for 5 free minuites of phone time.

The number on here still works, tho’ the minutes and member i.d.# code expired eons ago.

Well that and the line is simply a quick pre-recorded advert for some part line.

So don’t expect to get into some “FUN LOCAL Live-CHAT” with Venus or anything kinky like that.

I barely recall the original recording.

Some funny little kid’s recorded voice said :

“Welcome to the Ninja Turtles Mutation Nation !! COWABUNGA!! “

.. then you were prompted to enter your I.D. # to make your 5 minute or less phone call.

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3 thoughts on ““Ninja Turtles: The Next Mutation” :: ‘NINJA TURTLES – MUTATION NATION’ Official Membership Card / Phone Card (( 1998 ))”

  1. Simply lovely!!!…. I will like to add one of those to my collection!.
    Thanks a lot for share!!!

  2. Ah what a thing of beauty, thank you for sharing it with us Tokka, and if your a fan of the Next Mutation and reading this search for Next Mutation Nation, we have both a face book fan group and page which have been newly opened and we’re looking to enlist new members into the Next Mutation Nation, and also into the groups official ‘Task Force’ of content providers and information detectives who we’re always in need of ^^

    And if you want you can also ‘befriend me’!! just search for Kittenn Bunnyy and make sure you mention Tokka’s post here on GGM!

    Kittenn Bunnyy xx

  3. Oops sorry I forgot to mention its on facebook in my message above, if this shameless act of self promotion is allowed please be edit it for me by just adding in the ‘facebook group’ and search for me on ‘facebook; hope this isnt posted in public too, how embaressing and unprofessional 😛

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