“SHREDDER v. PANDA KHAN” ..art by DAVE GARCIA (( 2012 ))

San Diego Comic-Con 2012; DAVE GARCIA, Tokka & 'MAZIN SPIDER-KHAN

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"The Chronicles of Panda Khan" #2  Abacus Press..back cover art by Dave Garcia (( 1987 ))

–>> Vet TINY TOONS ADVENTURES, The TICK, TMNT ADVENTURES comic illustrator & creator of imitable indies; Panda Khan and Shadow of the West; ** DAVE GARCIA worked extra hard on a special piece for Tokka as a reward ..

Playmates Toys.. TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES :: PANDA KHAN ..signed by Dave Garcia  (( 1990 ))

KHANtest ix

.. after 2 one-of-a kind MARVEL / P.K. Tokkustom figures !!


"The Chronicles of Panda Khan" #2  Abacus Press..signed by Dave Garcia & Monica Sharp (( 1987 ))

And here’s the amazing face-off !! ::

"SHREDDER v. PANDA KHAN" ..art by DAVE GARCIA (( 2012 ))

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