“SHREDs Pizzaria” tee ** UPDATE **


**RubyRed has moved this design over to his Redbubble storefront** ..

– this backdoor deal will cost a ‘shred’ more than the 14th’s one day offer ( hint : Coupon codes are your friend ), however R.B. is a bit more flexible & allows you to choose your choice of colours and styles of the shirt for your fave design !! Checkit’ out if your desperate for some Foot  on your pizza and to get the design for that special Ninja of yours in time for the holiday.

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–>>   As of the 14th of December you have less than 17 hours to place your order for a fresh, piping hot  n’ limited  “SHREDs Pizzaria” tee ( designed by RubyRed hot outta the Technodrome’s oven at


It’s not uncommon knowledge that Saki’s tried to take out the Turtles via the Teens favourite Take-Out !! Pizzaface & his Foot Clan kitchen staff have plopped on all the poisonous anti-Turtle toppings your sure to loathe – – and it’s gona be delivered to your door cold in well OVER 30 minutes ( more like 3 days or more ) and your gona  shut-up n’ like it cuz Dah Boss sez so.

Plus your getting  a Great Deal ( $9 !! ) on a kick-arse limited edition Tee !!

But hurry cuz all the expired pizza coupons tacked on to your refrigerator won’t save you – cuz this special offer is over at the end of the day when the Turtles are gona shut it down !!  And then Shredder’s outta the pizza business ’til..” –  ‘ NEXT TIME – YOU MISERABLE REPTILES !! !! “

(( thanks, Sergio )) –

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