So Jealous :: Jason Koza’s Classy Volume One Tattoo !! !!

–>> Here’s a TMNT Volume 1 tattoo set to make all the Turtle fan-boys green with envy  !!

Jason Koza’s arm sports an homage to the classic Mirage Turtles unlike any i’ve ever seen on a Turtle tatt  !!

The  classic volume 1 #1 Teens, Splinter, Shredder, April & Casey are represented of coarse to a similar Eastman/Laird effect – but adding to the TattooS mash-up are the Triceratons, The Rat King ,The Foot and Shredder’s Elite Ninja, Karai, Mousers, and even an Utrom !! !!

“.. .. Also if you could give credit to my good friend, Vincent Castiglia for doing the amazing work I’d appreciate it too.

His websites are:

Ps.. You said “sick classic lookin FOOT and Saki”.  I’m not sure if you meant the full sized Shredder in the middle or the one on my back shoulder blade, but I the one on my shoulder blade is actually a panel of Karai from City at War.  Just in case you were interested 🙂 Jason K.

** Click here to view Jason’s TMNT body masterpiece LARGE in a new window !! **


Author: tOkKa

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