A.C. Farley is Currently Accepting Commissions

This doesn’t happen but once in a great while.

Craig “A.C.” Farley, renowned Mirage artist, is now accepting commissions. Craig posted a message on his facebook page about it, and asked that I spread the word:

“Hi. If anyone ever wanted me to do any sketches or any art at all, this is the time to get it. I have some time on my hands. I’m not saying I’ll do anything at all. I’ll do my job on whatever it is, and do it right.

I can be reached at craig@alteredearth.com or FB or Pony Express, any way at all. 411 will work on me too. I don’t have any work for now. Blah. I’ll do a nice con type sketch for $40. I’ll still put my heart into it even for that. If folks have a budget for other kinds of things, I’ll work things out with them and make some nice stuff.”

From me to you. If you don’t take advantage of this opportunity, you’re a big dumb idiot.

MIRAGE PUBLISHING :: ‘MUTATIONS’ newsletter V.2 #2 (( 1994 ))

MIRAGE PUBLISHING :: 'MUTATIONS' newsletter i (( 1994 )) // postmark

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MIRAGE PUBLISHING :: 'MUTATIONS' newsletter ii (( 1994 )) //

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MIRAGE PUBLISHING :: 'MUTATIONS' newsletter iii (( 1994 )) //

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MIRAGE PUBLISHING :: 'MUTATIONS' newsletter iv (( 1994 )) //

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MIRAGE PUBLISHING :: 'MUTATIONS' newsletter v (( 1994 )) //

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A.C. Farley’s First Turtle

Craig Farley has recently been releasing a lot of art and sketches from his archives. While I have decided not to post about every singlething he shows, I will be posting about the stuff that is historically significant. I’ll let A.C. tell the story himself:

This is the very first Ninja Turtle drawing I ever did. It says 1988 on it. It was an advertisement for the Mirage artists visit to the comic shop, ‘Altered Earth Arts’, that I owned and operated at the time. That comic shop is where I first met Peter Laird. He used to come in there now and then. I didn’t know him or recognize him at all for a long time. One day he asked if I’d like them to come to my store for a signing. Of course I did. The store got mobbed. Later Pete asked if I would want to do a TMNT comic. Of course I did. I don’t have the original of this drawing. I think Pete asked for it back then and I gave it to him. I don’t have the comic store any longer, either.

Jimagination – A promotional video by A.C. Farley

Today, Craig Farley shared a video via his facebook page.

Jimagination (1999) I made this movie for Jim Lawson and Pete Laird to potentially use on a loop at cons or online to promote their Planet Racers comic. They never did use this.

At the time, I was making 3D models of some the Planet Racers bikes and robots for Pete and so it seemed natural to animate them somehow and I w…anted to try out a lot of the stuff I was learning about video editing and compositing 3D models using multilayer workflow. Which means rendering the 3D in separate passes for the lights, reflections and shadows etc., just like the big movie studios do it. I was very precise and measured that hallway and built a 3D model to match it, with lights and all, so that I could ‘catch’ shadows and reflections of the robot in the 3D app and composite them into the live action video.

I also felt that it would be a cool memory of the artist’s studio area at Mirage. Looking at this now, I think I was right about that. That whistling in the movie is what one hears when Jim Lawson is happy and drawing and the radio in the background is stuff Jim used to listen to at work.

Jim told me that when his kids saw this, they were a bit alarmed that the robot was sneaking up on him.

Note: When you’re looking down the hallway… that’s my door, first on the right. Seen in this movie: Jim Lawson, Michael Dooney and Eric Talbot and Lone Wolf Robot.

A Very Farley Christmas

Thank god for social networking sites. Over the past few months, I have been blessed with the opportunity to get to know former Mirage artist Craig “A.C” Farley. Let me tell you he is one of the most incredibly humble and kind people on the planet, and the world is a better place with him in it.

A few weeks ago, I had asked Craig if I could send him some of his books to sign, and he was gracious enough to oblige me. Well the books came back today, and I thought you all would enjoy seeing them.

Click here to go to the Gallery of Books!

A TREMENDOUS thank you to Craig! This is definitely going to be my favorite gift of the season!