A.C. Farley is Currently Accepting Commissions

This doesn’t happen but once in a great while.

Craig “A.C.” Farley, renowned Mirage artist, is now accepting commissions. Craig posted a message on his facebook page about it, and asked that I spread the word:

“Hi. If anyone ever wanted me to do any sketches or any art at all, this is the time to get it. I have some time on my hands. I’m not saying I’ll do anything at all. I’ll do my job on whatever it is, and do it right.

I can be reached at craig@alteredearth.com or FB or Pony Express, any way at all. 411 will work on me too. I don’t have any work for now. Blah. I’ll do a nice con type sketch for $40. I’ll still put my heart into it even for that. If folks have a budget for other kinds of things, I’ll work things out with them and make some nice stuff.”

From me to you. If you don’t take advantage of this opportunity, you’re a big dumb idiot.