Workin FAN’S UPDATE :: Burnham & BAXTER , Collection coming soon, TMNT – OUT OF THE SHADOWS BETA. related , TOKKA v. Ross Cambell – you can win !!


–>> Calm down, **HOB .. i’ll give ya a round up of the news if you’ll get off my back !! Maybe this lowdown on your former boss Dr.Bax will cheer ya up from CBR :: ***Burnham Dissects Classic Villain in “TMNT: Baxter Stockman”, maybe not. Thanks, Tom.

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Well in case you’re a workin’ fan and / or are just getting to the comic shop to pick up your stash of books or in Hob’s case, cat-nip ( medicinal use ONLY ) ..’s Rich’s quick check-list for what’s left of  MARCH ’13 and what may be waiting for you. ::



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Related notes ::

In case you missed it.,


Finally we got this ol’ guy whom ya know and loathe  ..

tOkKa v. Ross Campbell :: ROUND 2;  ' t2z-13; SAVANTI ROMERO ' artistic clash between fan favourite and Wet Moon & TMNT vet **Ross Campbell & the much reviled ***TOKKA.

You can win this .. stay tuned !! >:)

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** WAL-MART ‘DOLLAR STATIONS’ & TMNT SRI palletes, quick comic n’ NEWS ROUND-UP **

TMNT Sationary • •

–>> If you check the “DOLLAR STATION” at your local WAL-MART store ( pending if they have one ), a large.. light blue pallet sales device with bins filled with low-cost nick-knack items on both sides of the station. A large variety of things like small utility baskets, pocket fragrances and lotions, combs & novelty items all about a dollar or so are in the bins. Innovative Designs has a large number of licensed stationary items in these bins as well ..all under 3 bucks. In fact every one of the things displayed on the table in the photo above was all priced at $1 each.

Pencil sets, sketching & notepad sets, jumbo erasers, temporary tattoos, stamping markers, memo pads, GIANT pens and pencils, pencil pouches ..and a cool dry-erase board –

..great for leaving  a note for mom or dad, the kids, the dog, a honey-do list, or just listing various self-loathing character flaws.

SRI TMNT PALLETE SRI also has a TMNT specific licensing palette in WAL-MART stores with items for the whole family. Water bottles, tumblers, cups and dinnerware sets like two pack plates and kiddie bowls , children’s sleepwear, both kids and adult t-shirts, ball caps, adult boxer shorts, bed-wear with character head pillows and blankets, backpack danglers & more. These palettes may be be located near the dollar station bins.

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** Let’s do a quick, abridged ROCKY MOUNTAIN HIGH Comic Round-up with Rich, great news as the MICRO SERIES format RETURNS focusing on KRANG and company !! ::

I haven’t investigated the reason for the shipping delays and wonkiness, but i guess it’s going to depend where on the map you live and Diamond’s shipping issues. Hopefully this will be remedied soon.

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Finally from **COWABUNGA CORNER ::

*** One last walkthru’ at the PLAYMATES BOOTH with CC ..

*** And this is not news many of us hadn’t suspected, but in case you hadn’t heard,video game power-house..  Activision has made it official. ::

“Video Games has always been a large part of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles History. Starting back in the 1990’s with the Nintendo system, Arcade, and so much more. We’ve watch the Turtle games grow and change throughout the years. Since Nickelodeon has got the Turtles fans have been asking “Who will be doing the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles game?” and today we got the answer as I saw on twitter from Nickelodeon UK PR‏ “Pleased to announce new global deal between Nickelodeon and Activision to produce Turtles video games.” This is big news for the TMNT fandom! Finally a TMNT game. .. .. “

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Nickelodeon TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES – ANIMATED :: ..print signed by Dario Brizuela & Rob Paulsen (( 2012 ))


** View LARGE On Black **

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** According to RICH, the IDW – NICK TMNT Animated TPB appears in shops next month ..

–>> Old friend & Fan-Fave Dario hinted during my visit to NYCC this past October that he was in the lead for illustration duties on the NICK show related book. While this remains to be fully seen if it is to be in conjunction with the book due next month  – -the above print may be more than count as a spoiler alert.

New York Comic Con 2012 :: Dario & tOkKa ( by Miki )

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***COWABUNGA CORNER’s interview with Dario ..::

“Through Ninja Turtle history there has been a lot of artist who have touched the TMNT Comic Books, between Mirage, Archie, Image, Dreamwave and now IDW. Turtle fans have had the honor to see the art styles of many different people. One of those people is Dario Brizuela who was an artist on the Tales of TMNT Volume 2 by Mirage Studios, and could very well be an artist for one of the new IDW Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle comic series. Here we talk to Dario about the possible chance of him working on IDW’s newest Turtle series which has not come out yet.

We met up with Dario at New York City Comic Con, thanks to Tokka who pointed out his booth to me and introduced us. Dario and I talked a little bit as I bought a print and an original artwork piece. After talking for a bit I asked to do this interview. It’s short, but was really good to get this chance to talk with Dario.”


Host: Michele Ivey
Guest: Dario Brizuela
Camera: Miki Ivey
Music: “Pink Day” by Voranski
Intro: Phoenix
Editing: Michele Ivey
Special Thanks: Tokka
Location: New York City Comic Con 2012


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HUB airing N.M.–>> On a related T.V. , in case you hadn’t heard by now .. Hate to love it or Love to Hate it or LOVE IT TO LOVE IT ..

** The Hub is now airing NEXT MUTATION  Saturday afternoon at 1:30pm EST.


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** Fresh from the Future;Tokka meets TMNT: FF’s CODY JONES; CLAY ADAMS **

TMNT: Back to the Sewer :: Cody Jones [[ Courtesy 4kids B T T S Blog ]]

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–>> Comic-conventions are the biggest strain on Tokka in any given year as preparation for port-reviews, interviews and networking are months in the making & so anxiety filled.

The actual event is mostly a mad-dash around a very large area chasing down potential work opportunities & important faces looking for talent. It’s not all business and frustration, and forever reason – there are always many surprises for Tokka each and every year like this. ::

San Diego Comic-Con 2012 :: ** Tokka meets TMNT: FF's CODY JONES; CLAY ADAMS **

While taking the motions that will help shape and determine Tokka’s future; someone from the future came and visited the past this past summer on one of Tokka’s interviews.

More precisely.. be it time-travel, coincidence, or fate :: one of Tokka’s interviews was with 4kids TMNT: FAST FORWARD & BACK TO THE SEWER’s CODY JONES,April & Casey’s greatest grandchild !! A.k.a. actor,V.A. & comic writer **Clay Adams !! !!


He was also the gritty vocal talent for Mirage Donatello of the PRIME TURTLES in the insanely popular TMNT Swan-Song; TURTLES FOREVER !!


Tokka’s composure & spine during the interview; rest assured was as upright as gooey, radioactive-ooze.

Scrambling for something to be autographed, Clay signed a 4kids style TMNT school folder i’ve yet to post.

He also signed a copy of Tales of the TMNT v.2 #59 i had on hand. Split-second reasoning : 1) it’s a Mirage Book, and he was the only official voice for Mirage Donatello & 2) Tristan Jones. This being one of Tristan’s masterworks for Mirage – at that time on the side he was working on the U.K. TMNT Magazine with Andres Ponce creating TMNT:F.F. comics for the mag. Just made sense in lieu of the connection.

Tales of theTMNT v.2 #59 / ..signed by Clay Adams { TMNT:FF's CODY JONES } (( 2009 ))

** View LARGE On Black **

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** Tales of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Volume Two #59

Thank you very much, Clay for your kindness and for your
overwhelmingly exciting time !!

See ya in the future !!

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Nickelodeon TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES :: Wallpaper_TMNT-Lean-1600x1200-r01  (( 2012 )) [[ Courtesy of TOYS "R" US ]]

On a related note ::

** With the big Nick TMNT Sneak peek tonight & premier tomorrow – COWABUNGA CORNER is celebrating with a string of interviews with Ciro Nieli & his Nickelodeon Storyboard & animation crew !! Check it out !! !!


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IDW :: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #10 // Concept cover art by Kevin Eastman (( 2012 ))

IDW :: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #10 // Concept cover art by Kevin Eastman  (( 2012 ))

..sketch approx. 8 7/16″ x 11″

☠ ☠

** View LARGE On Black **

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San Diego Comic-Con 2012; HEAVT METAL BOOTH /  Tokka presents Kevin Eastman tOkKustom :: "OLD HOB" TRIKKY

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