Eric Talbot’s Art Exhibit at Dream In Plastic!


Do you love Eric Talbot as much as we do? Probably not! Because we love him a lot (it’s almost inappropriate)! Which is why we were so broken up about not being able to see Eric’s exhibit at Dream In Plastic of New York in person! But fear not fellow Talbites (see what I did there?)! GoGreenMachine contacted Jenny at Dream In Plastic and she was wonderful enough to take pictures for us and send them over! THANKS JENNY! If you want to see Eric’s exhibit in person, you can check out Dream in Plastic @ 177 Main Street — Beacon, NY 12508 from now until the 10th of November! Buy some Vinyl toys while you’re there, cause I know you don’t have enough!

For all of us that can’t make it out, Click the Pic above to for right to the album. Thanks Again Jenny, and Congrats Eric!