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F.A.K.K. 2

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–>> The controversial followup to the cult-famous 1980’s Sci-fi anthology is not a squeal but an adaptation of Bisley,Talbot, and Eastman’s 1990’s masterwork :Melting Pot.

The imperfect but fun as heck fantasy flick: “This sequel to Heavy Metal is a high-octane science fiction adventure concerning a beautiful young woman named Julie who vows vengeance on a ruthless tyrant after he destroys her planet. As with the first film, the stunning visuals are backed by a stellar soundtrack.

.. Good dukes it out against evil in a sleekly animated franchise update that retains its futuristic rock-fueled seediness. “..

B-movie legend Julie Strain reprises her role of the powerful warrior who was one of the main sources for Kevin’s creative inspirations in the 1990s. Julie is forced into a battle defending the planet designated F.A.K.K.² against the incredible forces of Intergalactic Tyrant who destroy it, LORD TYLER ( Michael Ironside ); while being followed by the mysterious & ominous intentions of the strange Sage,Odin ( Billy Idol ).

..check it out.. even just for curiosity’s sake, or if you are a fan of Melting Pot; this is a respectful & prolly the only film adaptation of this master piece story we are likely to get.

Created under Kevin’s supervision, it will whet your appetite for better things to come in the upcoming third HEAVY METAL installment.

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