Fugitoid for Sale on Entertainment Earth

As part of their Black Friday deals, Entertainment Earth is offering the Chrome Fugitoid for sale for the low low price of $8.90!

Heres the link:

Vac-Metal Fugitoid For Sale on MirageLicensing.com

Have you been having trouble finding a Vac-Metal Fugitoid to call your own? Fear not! Our boys at Mirage Licensing have them for $15 dollars shipped! As mentioned on the site, don’t order them with any comics in the same order, or you may be charged additional shipping. Click the picture to place your order.

Vac-Metal Fugitoid Update!


So after Dave’s post about the Vac-Metal Fugitoid pre-order and subsequent removal of the listing, I got a little suspicious. I shot an e-mail over to the Playmates TMNT brand manager:

Today one of my writers spotted a Pre-Sale for the Chrome Fugitoid you guys prototyped for Peter. But just as soon as we posted the link, the product was taken down. So I thought I would come directly to you and ask? Are there plans for the release of the Chrome Fugitoid? He is, after all, one of the most anticipated TMNT collector’s figures of all time. The community is buzzing.

And he responded with great news!

We will be releasing this figure on a very limited basis. You will be able to purchase the figure from retailers that purchase from Diamond Comics distributors. Generally smaller specialty shops. I should be able to get you a list of stores in the coming weeks.

So there you have it. The shiny Toid IS scheduled for release (as of now). We will of course, keep you updated.

Very big thanks to all the Playmates folks that have been gracious enough to grant us such unfettered communication! We at GGM, as well as our readers, really appreciate the camaraderie.