FOOT 25 – – er TMNT 25 FLICKr FUN –

06202009 :: >;p Foot 25 - @ Party Bus .. Golden , Colorado :: GRRR !!  I'll get that Raphael yet !! !!

–>> Been an absolutely amazingly fun week and a half. And to break out of the junkyard for once and actually have just a fuggin’ good time is a RARITY !! Coverage for the TMNT 25 Road Trip’s passage thru’ the Rocky Mountain region might be best told at least by me visually.

Not that anyone would want to ..but in case you wanna see all the fun a Snapper can have as the only representative of the Foot just outside the Denver Metro area . Heck, you can also see me go beak-to-beak with Michelangelo and get my spikes handed back to me on a paper plate !! !!

( Gee i can’t believe i just admitted that . )

** You can view Tokk’s ‘ FOOT 25’ FlickR Fun Set Here !! **

06202009 :: >;p Foot 25 -  Michelangelo vs. Tokka i