** TMNT #16 & Beyond ; Turtles return to McDonald’s **


–>> Our Rocky Mountain Turtle Comic Connection, ** Rich picks our ‘brains’ with the latest TMNT comic bits !! ::


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McDonald's "TMNT" / MADAME ALEXANDER - "THE WIZARD of OZ"  Happy Meal i  (( 2007 ))

Been along time, ( yeah like 2007,remember the TMNT movie promotion ?? ) but the Turtles return to McDonald’s Happy Meal with what look to be figural and pullback motorcycle toys !!

TMNT return to McDonald's

** Check your local restaurant’s for availability in the later part of December, usually the last week or so.

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** The Spindly Return of SPYDER BYTEZ; well kinda **

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–>> ‘The Daily Show’s Lewis Black guest starred in Saturday’s third episode of  Nick’s new TMNT Toon :  “Turtle Temper“.

Black played the portly & cantankerous Vic just can’t get a  buyer for his exclusive cell phone camera coverage of the Teens fighting Kraang Droids. But the Kraang have more than enough hankering to provide Vic with a healthy dose of Mutagen ooze; by way of Raphal and his “Frog” brothers. Next thing ya know, Vic’s a real spider,Man !! Can’t wait for a Kraang alien  to put the video of that incident up on YouTube.

TMNT: Back to the Sewer - DEMON APRIL i   [[ Courtesy 4kids B T T S Blog ]]

Spyder Bytez harkens back to just a matter of years ago actually to the tail end and Pre- TURTLES FOREVER final season of the TMNT 2003 era; “BACK TO THE SEWER”.

Cyber Shredder was on the loose, Splinter was missing in the cyber-verse  ( if you recall  ),  mad digital-mutants, Baxter’s goopy dinosaurians, and good ol’ fashioned demons were all the rage for the Teen’s blow-out season  !!

In TMNT:BTTS episode 147 – “The Engagement Ring”..::

“Casey and Raphael head to Chinatown to find an engagement ring for April. They are given a ring that turns April into a monster. After successfully turning April back to normal, the man gives her the real engagement ring and she and Casey are engaged.”

The terrifyingly possessed April ( serious.. she was creepy n’ freeky in this ep ) summons some twisted creatures from the evil ‘RING OF YIN’ to go after & Raph and Casey with her mistakenly new found powers.

TMNT: Back to the Sewer - Spider Bytez ( ?! ) GREEN [[ Courtesy 4kids B T T S Blog ]]

The creatures the Ring had manifested were two massive flying ‘Spider’ -like demons called the SPYDER BYTEZ, apparently post production. Tho’ they are never mentioned by name in the episode.

TMNT: Back to the Sewer - Spider Bytez ( ?! ) Red [[ Courtesy 4kids B T T S Blog ]]

Hence the origin’ ( at least of the name ) of the Turtle’s bouncy arachno-enemy & Mutant Menace in the new show !!

Tho’ i guess calling Black’s character a “Return” – technically is only kinda,sorta, not-really, partly true sorta.,kinda. Uh – –

Also on a nerdy note: the flying Spiders in the BTTS ep were two demonic manifestations or so from an evil ring unlike Vic’s toxic mutant transformation.


TMNT: Back to the Sewer - Metal Klawz ( a.k.a. ' METALLICLAW' ) [[ Courtesy 4kids B T T S Blog ]]

April also managed to call upon a giant Mole Mutant thing initially dubbed by one of the coolest bad-guy names i’ve ever heard :Metalliclaw. His name was changed to the less than catchy and i suppose the less COPYRIGHT – infringing name ; Metal Klawz.

Yeh i guess you wouldn’t want to get a certain iconic Metal Band’s lawyers thrashing all over you.  But hey the guy is cool & he really digs, and really digs the sewers, and really digs the  Ring of Yin and ringin’ Raph’s neck !!

TMNT - 'SUB SEWER' backer // Playmates (( 2008 ))

** View LARGE On Black **

Toy versions of the Ring’s creatures were supposed to be offered as part of the somewhat season accurate TMNT SUB SEWER figure line in 2008.

Unfortunately .. and i mean VERY unfortunately, only the Turtles in their Monster-Catching guises were released from this line. By the time SUB-SEWER hit stores, The Turtles toys as a whole were already struggling to make sales quotas. This line itself, even the Turtles were a little tricky to get hold of as older “TMNT” branded merch was still hanging on pegs in many stores. Stores were also dropping the toy line so it really was a tricky time to get Turtle figures in brick n’ mortar retailers.

I recall only getting like one or two Sub-Sewer Turtles early on.Way late in the game, like as of LATE 2009 & early 2010 did i get the rest of the Teens.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 'SLUDGE RUNNERS' :: LEONARDO ..A (( 2010 ))

SUB-SEWER Leo was offered extremely late in the 2009 TMNT 24th anniversary year as part of the TOYS R’ Us  exclusive ‘SLUDGE RUNNERS’ vehicle combo-pack. The other Turtles were supposed to come out in deluxe combo-packs too – but only Leo was released.

But alas the Spider Bytez & Metalliclaw toys were dropped from the SUB-SEWER wave altogether , apparently victim to the sagging sales of the “TMNT” toy line in that 2008 – Early 2010 time-frame. Bad decision if you ask me.

Metalliclaw  peek [[ Courtesy of Steve Murphy & Luke @ Playmates ]]And unless you are some weirdo who hates really  – REALLY COOL looking toys, you can’t tell me that’s kind of not a tragedy taking a look at that freekin’ cool prototype of Klawz !! !!

So we never got the Spyder & we never got the Naked Mole and that kinda BYTEZ !!

Yeh yeh.. ya see what Tokka did there !!

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** Fresh from the Future;Tokka meets TMNT: FF’s CODY JONES; CLAY ADAMS **

TMNT: Back to the Sewer :: Cody Jones [[ Courtesy 4kids B T T S Blog ]]

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–>> Comic-conventions are the biggest strain on Tokka in any given year as preparation for port-reviews, interviews and networking are months in the making & so anxiety filled.

The actual event is mostly a mad-dash around a very large area chasing down potential work opportunities & important faces looking for talent. It’s not all business and frustration, and forever reason – there are always many surprises for Tokka each and every year like this. ::

San Diego Comic-Con 2012 :: ** Tokka meets TMNT: FF's CODY JONES; CLAY ADAMS **

While taking the motions that will help shape and determine Tokka’s future; someone from the future came and visited the past this past summer on one of Tokka’s interviews.

More precisely.. be it time-travel, coincidence, or fate :: one of Tokka’s interviews was with 4kids TMNT: FAST FORWARD & BACK TO THE SEWER’s CODY JONES,April & Casey’s greatest grandchild !! A.k.a. actor,V.A. & comic writer **Clay Adams !! !!


He was also the gritty vocal talent for Mirage Donatello of the PRIME TURTLES in the insanely popular TMNT Swan-Song; TURTLES FOREVER !!


Tokka’s composure & spine during the interview; rest assured was as upright as gooey, radioactive-ooze.

Scrambling for something to be autographed, Clay signed a 4kids style TMNT school folder i’ve yet to post.

He also signed a copy of Tales of the TMNT v.2 #59 i had on hand. Split-second reasoning : 1) it’s a Mirage Book, and he was the only official voice for Mirage Donatello & 2) Tristan Jones. This being one of Tristan’s masterworks for Mirage – at that time on the side he was working on the U.K. TMNT Magazine with Andres Ponce creating TMNT:F.F. comics for the mag. Just made sense in lieu of the connection.

Tales of theTMNT v.2 #59 / ..signed by Clay Adams { TMNT:FF's CODY JONES } (( 2009 ))

** View LARGE On Black **

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** Tales of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Volume Two #59

Thank you very much, Clay for your kindness and for your
overwhelmingly exciting time !!

See ya in the future !!

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Nickelodeon TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES :: Wallpaper_TMNT-Lean-1600x1200-r01  (( 2012 )) [[ Courtesy of TOYS "R" US ]]

On a related note ::

** With the big Nick TMNT Sneak peek tonight & premier tomorrow – COWABUNGA CORNER is celebrating with a string of interviews with Ciro Nieli & his Nickelodeon Storyboard & animation crew !! Check it out !! !!


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** TMNT @ NYCC; IDW #14 & Beyond **

All the brains ya need ..

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–>> Let’s check in with **Rich !!

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Nick style #TMNT costume 4 kids on Twitpic

Saturday’s big NICK premier is priming up to allot neat events & more diverse NICK ‘shtuff’ becoming readily available at more diverse stores like Meijer’s, Kmart, Walgreens, and Khols.

 Oh, Look a TMNT Season Pass for 29.99 !! ::

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Date: Friday, October 12
6:45 pm – 7:45 pm

Location: 1E13

Go Green! With the Lean, Mean, Ninja Team – Nickelodeon’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles! Experience Nickelodeon’s FIRST EVER Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle New York Comic-Con panel as Executive Producers Ciro Nieli (Super Robot Monkey Team Hyper Force Go!) and Peter Hastings (Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness, Catscratch, Animaniacs) discuss the new series, reveal development art and give fans a sneak peek at the series’ next episode. Prepare to be Shell-Shocked!

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** PIXEL DAN’s 2012 Toy Fair: Playmates Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2012 Michelangelo Figure Review **


–>> This past week’s Toy Fair was so overwhelmingly of new Ninja Turtle goodies, Tokka .. as usual wanted to go run, hide n’ pull his head into his shell. Snappers can’t really do that tho’ so let’s make up for it by digging our beaks into the dirtiest dirt n’ gossip regarding your favourite heroes’ newest incarnation to be enshrined in plastic.

Via **TNI, and **He-Man.org’s famous PIXEL DAN !! ::

“For those in attendance at the 2012 New York International Toy Fair, Playmates provided a sneak peek figure from their upcoming Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles toy line! Join “Pixel Dan” Eardley for an in-depth look at this brand new figure to see what to expect when these new figures hit store shelves this Fall!”

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Related notes ::

** WHEW ** !!

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