** Surprises abound in Figures.com TOY FAIR 2012 Show TMNT Gallery **


**  Figures . Com TOY FAIR 2012 Show TMNT Gallery **

A day late n’  a dollar short, but in case ya missed it..  check out all the cool surprises Playmates has in store in the coming year with TMNT !! !!

..thanks, TMNT Master.. !!


Mystery Mutant

**Kevin Michael Richardson ..from Aguila to Shredder **

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–>> Follow up to Machias and Jester’s post on Kevin M. Richardson as Nick TMNT’s new SHREDDER voice talent


..let’s not forget Kevin’s over-the-top;TOWER of a role as the Stone-coldhearted General Aguila in 2007’s TMNT !! !!

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"TMNT"   ::  General  Aguila, the Eagle    [[ Courtesy of Imagi/Weinstein/WB ]]