“Ninja Turtles: The Next Mutation” :: ‘NINJA TURTLES – MUTATION NATION’ Official Membership Card / Phone Card (( 1998 ))

"Ninja Turtles: The Next Mutation" :: 'NINJA TURTLES - MUTATION NATION' Official Membership Card /  Phone Card (( 1998 ))

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–>> Part of the N.M fan club. membership kit.

I like how Donatello claims to have ‘rigged the membership card with his “phonalator distometer” for 5 free minuites of phone time.

The number on here still works, tho’ the minutes and member i.d.# code expired eons ago.

Well that and the line is simply a quick pre-recorded advert for some part line.

So don’t expect to get into some “FUN LOCAL Live-CHAT” with Venus or anything kinky like that.

I barely recall the original recording.

Some funny little kid’s recorded voice said :

“Welcome to the Ninja Turtles Mutation Nation !! COWABUNGA!! “

.. then you were prompted to enter your I.D. # to make your 5 minute or less phone call.

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