“TURTLES FOREVER” – Krang papercraft model figure [[ Courtesy of CUBEECRAFT & 4kids ]]

"TURTLES FOREVER" - Krang papercraft model figure  [[ Courtesy of CUBEECRAFT  & 4kids ]]

“Krang, the exiled warlord from Dimension X from the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles series is now available over at 4Kids.tv!

Krang will be making his first appearance since the original series in the upcoming Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie “Turtles Forever“!

Grab him here* – and make sure to do it soon as he will cost 4Kids Rewards Points after a week.  Find out how to get 10,000 4Kids Rewards Points free for visiting Cubeecraft after the jump!

*If you cannot see him the the Ninja Turtles section you may have to log into the site.

Go to 4Kids.tv and create an account.  Then go to http://www.4kids.tv/show/tmnt and type the word “technodrome” while on the page.  This will give you 10,000 4Kids Rewards Points FREE!  There is no place to enter the code, simply have the page open in your browser and type.

BONUS! Enter this code on a TUESDAY and get double the points!  That’s 20,000 Reward Points!” —   **Chris B.

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