tOkKustom :: LOYAL SUBJECTS ‘Katana Lobotomy’ LEONARDO (( 2015 ))

tOkKustom :: LOYAL SUBJECTS 'Katana Lobotomy' LEONARDO i☣ ☣

–>> Original & basic, limited edition 8″ JUMBO LEO vinyl figure from Nickelodeon’s booth at SDCC 2015. A SCALED-UP version of the original 3″ vinyl LEO. This particular design is based off the skateboard painting Tokka did in turn based off Joe Allard’s illustrative design for the vinyl character itself. tOkKustom :: LOYAL SUBJECTS 'Katana Lobotomy' LEONARDO iv / Original L.S. TMNT 8" JUMBO LEONARDO box

The broken deck piece was also given to Allard as a gift in California in July 2015 in regards and honor to all his stellar hard-work for Loyal Subjects.

t2z - the tOkKA bootlegz :: DIS-LOYAL SUBJECT LEO itOkKustom :: LOYAL SUBJECTS 'Katana Lobotomy' LEONARDO v / Original L.S. TMNT 8" JUMBO LEONARDO box

tOkKustom :: LOYAL SUBJECTS 'Katana Lobotomy' LEONARDO x /☠ ☠ ** View LARGE On Black ** tOkKustom :: LOYAL SUBJECTS 'Katana Lobotomy' LEONARDO xi /

☠ ☠

** View LARGE On Black **

All decor on the jumbo fig exaggerates the original deck image even more. The katanas are able to enter Leo’s frontal lobe with relative ease. Also an abdomen “seppuku” wound allows for the inserten and extration of the swords. 4 Ninja-Star “Shuriken  open-wounds” allow for the stars to be inserted and removed into the back of his noggin. left ankle, right arm, and the upper-back of his shell -just above his scabbard.

tOkKustom :: LOYAL SUBJECTS 'Katana Lobotomy' LEONARDO vii / Custom in L.S. TMNT 8" JUMBO LEONARDO boxtOkKustom :: LOYAL SUBJECTS 'Katana Lobotomy' LEONARDO ix

tOkKustom :: LOYAL SUBJECTS 'Katana Lobotomy' LEONARDO xii / ..turns

The hole in the back of the shell for the scabbard has been “roughened-up” to add a little more restraint so that the piece doesn’t fall out as easily. ~ t

tOkKustom :: LOYAL SUBJECTS 'Katana Lobotomy' LEONARDO xiii / ..sword head wound

tOkKustom :: LOYAL SUBJECTS 'Katana Lobotomy' LEONARDO xv / ..sword head woundtOkKustom :: LOYAL SUBJECTS 'Katana Lobotomy' LEONARDO xvi / ..sword chest wound

tOkKustom :: LOYAL SUBJECTS 'Katana Lobotomy' LEONARDO xvii / ..shuriken woundstOkKustom :: LOYAL SUBJECTS 'Katana Lobotomy' LEONARDO xviii / ..shuriken wounds

tOkKustom :: LOYAL SUBJECTS 'Katana Lobotomy' LEONARDO xix / ..scabbardtOkKustom :: LOYAL SUBJECTS 'Katana Lobotomy' LEONARDO xx / ..Seppuku

tOkKustom :: LOYAL SUBJECTS 'Katana Lobotomy' LEONARDO xxi / ..with standard 3" LEONARDO; GAMESTOP NES color varianttOkKustom :: LOYAL SUBJECTS 'Katana Lobotomy' LEONARDO xxiii / ..detailtOkKustom :: LOYAL SUBJECTS 'Katana Lobotomy' LEONARDO xxv / ..downtowntOkKustom :: LOYAL SUBJECTS 'Katana Lobotomy' LEONARDO xxxi / ..sepukkutOkKustom :: LOYAL SUBJECTS 'Katana Lobotomy' LEONARDO xxxii / ..sepukkutOkKustom :: LOYAL SUBJECTS 'Katana Lobotomy' LEONARDO xxxiii / ..sepukku

tOkKustom :: LOYAL SUBJECTS 'Katana Lobotomy' LEONARDO xxxiv / .. "I'm OK !!"“Don’t Worry, Kids – – I’m OK !! !! “

• •

HSHELLHEROESbannRelated notes ::

  • TMT Vetrans of the night

GEEK TYRANT :: “TMNT: VETRANS OF THE NIGHT”; the acclaimed ‘older Turtles’ Turtles fan film is getting much praise, including kudos from Kevin Eastman himself.

“Take a Turtle-y awesome trip back to the Time of Dinosaurs with Half-Shell Heroes: Blast to the Past! Join Leo, Donnie, Raph, and Mikey as they make new dino-sized allies, battle aliens from the future trying to rule the galaxy, save the day, and get back home! Dinobunga!”


The Triceratons have destroyed present day Earth! Help the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles travel back in time, battle alien space creatures from beyond the known Universe and save Earth in this furiously-fast puzzle fighter game for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch!



** View LARGE On Black **

☃ ☃


It’s Christmas time in the city. A number of guests have been invited to the lair for a big holiday feast. But, where’s Michelangelo? Mikey is playing Santa Claus – butt-kicking, hard-driving Santa who’s trying to save a truckload of toys destined for an orphanage from some heartless thieves.
Studio Name:Paramount Home Entertainment
DVD Release Date:10/13/2015
Run Time (in minutes):95 minutes
Audio Tracks:Digital Sound

• •


** View LARGE On Black **

☃ ☃

TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES :: "Michelangelo's Christmas Rescue" // DVD wrap-around cover (( 2004 ))

** View LARGE On Black **

–>> Slight rehash,re-release, re-gifting of the 2004 4kids/ Funimation release of <a href=”″ target=”blank”” TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES :: “Michelangelo’s Christmas Rescue” – the mix of bare-bones episodes from the 2003 series is OK, but is short by one compared to the ’04 release. A good stocking-stuffer for the kids tho’ if the ’04 version was nothing but a ghost of Christmas past.


** View LARGE On Black **

☃ ☃

The cover art is style-guide work i’d previously been unfamiliar with. 4kids alumni Khary Randolph confirmed he DID NOT supply these images to Nickelodeon. Another 4kids style-guide contributor, Mirage Studio’s Michael Dooney may have been the artist behind these illustrations ( they have that vibe ), no confirmation on that tho’. They may have been newer style-guide pieces commissioned by Viacom themselves.

• •

‘Tis the season to shell out some justice with 3 throwback Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles episodes! Get in the holiday spirit with Leonardo, Raphael, Donatello and Michelangelo as they pass out some seasons’s beatings to a gang of thieves, Foot Tech Ninjas, and the Purple Dragons!

INCLUDES the Episodes :

• The Christmas Aliens

• The Way of Invisibility

• Fallen Angel



** View LARGE On Black **

• •



ICYMI: Learn how to make these amazing ornaments from !

~ t

“Leonardo vs. Xenomorph” ; pencils by Peter Laird, inks by Ryan Brown (( 1989 ))

"Leonardo vs. Xenomorph" ; pencils by Peter Laird, inks by Ryan Brown  (( 1989 ))

** View LARGE On Black **

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TMNT Movie Street Art posters.. –>> Mike J. has pointed out some interesting imagery of posters & teasers from COSMICBOOK ::

✖ ✖


“The fund raiser is live!”

✖ ✖

Playmates "touching-up" previous waves..

  • Got this in from a friend back East; i believe located in Georgia at a TARGET store, thanks Dakota ::   Reissues of figures from prior TMNT waves such as Cockroach Terminator ( shown in the screencap from the friend on Instagram above), Dogpound, Leatherhead, and Snakeweed and maybe others – – have been reported to have newer paint applications and deco that looks much more improved and somewhat similar to their prototype predecessors. Playmates’s scale with the Turtles line has been an ever present issue – – but these newer paint decos on the older releases may make up for the line’s short comings. So again, keep an eye out.

✖ ✖


Previews are out, books are on the shelves and reviews are popping up so I feel there’s no need to hold this back.
Metalhead’s redesign for IDW’s TMNT! Had fun with this one! As you may see on his debut book (TMNT#34) the speeder/car mode was something that I suggested and writer Tom Waltz and editor Bobby Curnow embraced.

My goal here was to not only give this version of the character a voice and look of its own, but also to pay a homage to the original design. Mission accomplished I believe.

Hope you all enjoy it.

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— M. Santolouco

**More ANNIE AWARD Nominated ‘Nick TMNT – RISE OF THE TURTLES’ DVD info **

• •

–>> ** Michael Chang just received a MUCH deserved ANNIE ANIMATION AWARD Nomination for directing Nick’s TMNT incarnation on the recent ep- Never Say Xever, also Irineo Marramba & Ciro Nieli for story-boarding on I Think His Name is Baxter Stockman & the lovely Mae Whitman has been nominated for the spunky voice of April !!

On this note, looks like *** has the first bits of info on the first traditional DVD release of the NICK Turtles as well as potential box art ::

Emerging from their hidden lair in the sewers for the very first time, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are ready to explore the hostile streets of NYC. Join these four super dudes – Leonardo, Donatello, Raphael, and Michelangelo – as they face enemies more dangerous, and taste pizza more delicious, than anything they could have imagined!


A few days ago Nickelodeon announced that February 26th will see the release of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles – Rise of the Turtles, a DVD title with the first episodes of the new 2012 CGI-animated series. We didn’t have a lot of info about this item at the time, but now our friends in the retail industry have passed along info showing that this is a single-disc title running 145 minutes for 6 episodes. You’ll also get 6 behind-the-scenes Animatics (one for each episode), and a Karaoke Music Video for “Learning the Theme Song.” Cost is $14.99 SRP, and you can pre-order it from Amazon at the button link below. We also have an early look at possible front box art for this title, but it is not finalized and could be subject to change .. –


~ t

** COLLIDER.COM ::Jonathan Liebesman Talks TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES Reboot; Addresses “Alien Race” Comments and Hints at Motion-Capture **


* *


Michael Bay caused quite the hubbub the other day with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles fans.  He’s producing a new iteration of the lovable characters in the form of a live-action reboot directed by Jonathan Liebesman (Wrath of the Titans).  Said hubbub was caused when Bay commented that the turtles in the reboot would be “from an alien race.” Fans were perplexed given that the word “mutant” is right in the title of the series, and “alien race” would imply that these new martial arts-inclined turtles weren’t mutated, but are actually extra terrestrial beings.

Steve got the chance to speak with Liebesman at the press junket for Wrath of the Titans earlier today and the director took the time to clear the air about his version of TMNT.  He addressed the “alien race” comments, talked about his approach to the characters, revealed whether they’re thinking CGI or practical effects to bring the turtles to life, and said when he thinks they’ll start filming and where.  Hit the jump to see what he had to say.




Regarding the “alien race” comments, Liebesman said the “alien” aspect actually comes straight from the series:

“Look, it’s so funny—if everyone was such a die-hard fan, they would know that the TCRI canisters where the ooze comes from.  That is alien ooze.  Now I’m not saying what Michael said is exactly what the movie is, because we’re sitting in a room now figuring everything out.  So we don’t know, but we are like Michael said: we’re expanding it, and the expansion will be true to the mythology.  I promise you: fans will love it.”

While it still sounds early in the development process, it appears the whole “alien” aspect may simply be referring to the ooze that mutates the turtles. As Liebesman said, they’re still working out the concept so things could definitely change. He stressed that TMNT comics co-creator Kevin Eastman is working alongside him, so they’re not exactly throwing the series mythology out the window:


“Whatever mythology we’re building on or expanding is coming from that guy, Kevin Eastman’s head, who created the Turtles in the first place.  And so everything will tie in with the mythology; fans will be extremely excited with what we’re coming up with.  A lot of it is stuff he’s wanted to do for a long time, but just hasn’t had the opportunity because now we have the budget and things on this film to expand it in the right way.  And so, I’m happy that everyone is extremely passionate, and they will not be disappointed.  It’s all coming from the best possible place for this franchise.”

When asked if the turtles would be practical or CGI, Liebesman hinted that they may be done similar to another recent visual effects-laden project:

“All I’ll say is that I love how they did [The Rise of the Planet of the Apes].  That was exceptional.”



I think this is a great way to go, and if Liebesman can bring Weta Digital in to create photorealistic turtles then I think we’ll be in for a visually stunning TMNT. The director also stressed that the film won’t be entirely about action:

“We’re definitely into the action, but for me what’s more important than that is that it’s a story about brotherhood and friendship and responsibility.  Right now, I’m with the characters because those are what attracted me to the movie.  They’re the best characters I’ll have had a chance to deal with.”

Liebesman also revealed that they’ll probably be shooting later this year (“September, or something”) and they’re thinking about shooting in Canada. I’m not necessarily a die-hard TMNT fan, but I think I can live with the fact that the ooze in the reboot comes from an “alien race.” Having the turtles themselves be aliens would be pushing it, but if Liebesman’s comments are to be taken to heart then I think fans will be alright in the end.

**Here’s the portion of Steve’s interview on TMNT.  Look for the full interview next week and make sure to leave your thoughts in the comments below. (( CLICK HERE )) **