** Fresh from the Future;Tokka meets TMNT: FF’s CODY JONES; CLAY ADAMS **

TMNT: Back to the Sewer :: Cody Jones [[ Courtesy 4kids B T T S Blog ]]

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–>> Comic-conventions are the biggest strain on Tokka in any given year as preparation for port-reviews, interviews and networking are months in the making & so anxiety filled.

The actual event is mostly a mad-dash around a very large area chasing down potential work opportunities & important faces looking for talent. It’s not all business and frustration, and forever reason – there are always many surprises for Tokka each and every year like this. ::

San Diego Comic-Con 2012 :: ** Tokka meets TMNT: FF's CODY JONES; CLAY ADAMS **

While taking the motions that will help shape and determine Tokka’s future; someone from the future came and visited the past this past summer on one of Tokka’s interviews.

More precisely.. be it time-travel, coincidence, or fate :: one of Tokka’s interviews was with 4kids TMNT: FAST FORWARD & BACK TO THE SEWER’s CODY JONES,April & Casey’s greatest grandchild !! A.k.a. actor,V.A. & comic writer **Clay Adams !! !!


He was also the gritty vocal talent for Mirage Donatello of the PRIME TURTLES in the insanely popular TMNT Swan-Song; TURTLES FOREVER !!


Tokka’s composure & spine during the interview; rest assured was as upright as gooey, radioactive-ooze.

Scrambling for something to be autographed, Clay signed a 4kids style TMNT school folder i’ve yet to post.

He also signed a copy of Tales of the TMNT v.2 #59 i had on hand. Split-second reasoning : 1) it’s a Mirage Book, and he was the only official voice for Mirage Donatello & 2) Tristan Jones. This being one of Tristan’s masterworks for Mirage – at that time on the side he was working on the U.K. TMNT Magazine with Andres Ponce creating TMNT:F.F. comics for the mag. Just made sense in lieu of the connection.

Tales of theTMNT v.2 #59 / ..signed by Clay Adams { TMNT:FF's CODY JONES } (( 2009 ))

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** Tales of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Volume Two #59

Thank you very much, Clay for your kindness and for your
overwhelmingly exciting time !!

See ya in the future !!

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Nickelodeon TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES :: Wallpaper_TMNT-Lean-1600x1200-r01  (( 2012 )) [[ Courtesy of TOYS "R" US ]]

On a related note ::

** With the big Nick TMNT Sneak peek tonight & premier tomorrow – COWABUNGA CORNER is celebrating with a string of interviews with Ciro Nieli & his Nickelodeon Storyboard & animation crew !! Check it out !! !!


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Previews for Tales of the TMNT #60 and #61

Tales of the TMNT #60 hits stores THIS WEDNESDAY!! Make sure you get out there and pick it up, and while you’re out there, make sure you’re down for #61! Both issues are doozeys!

Tales of the TMNT #60

Available for pre-order in Diamond Comic Distributors’ May catalog, “Previews” V19 #248

Ship Date: July 21, 2009

Format: 32 B&W pages, full color cover, standard size comic

Retail Price: $3.25

Cover art by Jim Lawson and Steve Lavigne; script by Dan Berger, art by Jim Lawson

“Nobody Does It Better” – This action-packed issue features the shocking return of Nobody, the crime-fighting vigilante thought to be slain in “TMNT” volume two #12! We discover the fate of the not-so-fallen hero while Raphael and Casey Jones encounter a new villain with super-human (and extraterrestrial) powers!

Tales of the TMNT 60 press file-8
Tales of the TMNT 60 press file-9
Tales of the TMNT 60 press file-11

Tales of the TMNT #61

Available for pre-order in Diamond Comic Distributors’ June catalog, “Previews” V19 #249

Ship Date: August 24, 2009

Format: 32 B&W pages, full color cover, standard size comic

Retail Price: $3.25

Cover art by Andres Ponce & Steve Lavigne; script by Tristan Jones, art by Andres Ponce

“Sometimes They Come Back” – Rising talent Andres Ponce (Firebirds, Noble Causes) and acclaimed writer Tristan Jones team together to bring you one of the most action packed comics of the year! Continuing on from the critically acclaimed “Tales of the TMNT” #56 and #59, the Turtles battle an enemy they never dreamed could create the chaos you’ll find within this book! Gangs, robots, road rage, crazy Australian mercenaries, and as if that weren’t enough… the long-awaited return of the malevolent MOUSERS! NOT. TO. BE. MISSED.


First Official Preview of "Exposé"!

Tales of the TMNT #59

Available for pre-order in Diamond Comic Distributors’ April catalog, “Previews” V19 #247

Ship Date: June, 2009

Format: 32 B&W pages, full color cover, standard size comic

Retail Price: $3.25

Cover art by Paul Harmon and Steve Lavigne; script by Tristan Jones, art by Paul Harmon

“Exposé” – Journalist Lauren Stanton investigates the suspicious circumstances surrounding the early release of notorious criminal Hunter (Hun) Mason from prison and its connection to the mysterious Foot Clan. As Stanton delves deeper into New York City’s underworld, she’ll discover unfathomable evil lurking in the darkness and her only hope to escape might not be entirely human…

Following up on their efforts on the critically acclaimed “Tales of the TMNT” #56, rising talents Tristan Jones and Paul Harmon return to further explore the seedier side of the Mirage Universe, introducing an sinister new villain and giving readers a fresh look at the TMNT themselves. A perfect jumping on point for new readers!


Last Chance to Pre-order Tales #59!

You have until tomorrow to get your orders in at your local comic shop for Tales of the TMNT #59, the long awaited follow-up to the critically acclaimed Tales of the TMNT #36 and Tales of the TMNT #56! Do it now!59_12let1

Tales of the TMNT Review #56

Greetings, one and all…

tales-of-the-tmnt-56-cover1I will be the first to admit that I am not as able to keep up to date with the current TMNT comics as I should be. I tend to check out the official TMNT website for summaries and glimpses of a few pages. But what I can say about this most recent issue from the Jones/Harmon powerhouse is definitely going to be a memorable one for TMNT fans.

I know the idea of putting a cartoon character into the Mirage universe caused some to hesitate. But Tristan’s own interpretation of Hun – Hunter Mason – is a solid character that you can really love to hate.

If you are not one for plot spoilers, I will warn you now. You can skip the next Three paragraphs, and go straight to the art itself.

The timeline for this story takes place a month after Tristan/Harmon’s previous conglomerate, Tales #36 “To Protect and Serve”. Nearly as year has passed since the City at War arc of Vol. 1, Donatello and Splinter are back home from Northampton, and busily helping April and Casey set up the apartment for their new family. Shadow is almost a year old at this point. The continuation of the City At War Plotline is very exciting for those familiar with that story. We see a couple returning characters from #36, and I’m getting a strong feeling that we’ll be seeing some further build-up to this storyline in the very near future…

Tristan’s story introduces us to a darker, more threatening version of Hun than we’ve seen in the animated series.  It opens with a young, beaten up Casey staring defiantly at a late-teens(?) Hun, who’s got a knife in his side. The mountain of a man removes the knife and literally beats the life out of Casey while his family is forced to look on in horror. It’s this attack that most likely spurs Casey into becoming a hockeystick-wielding vigilante. You can easily understand how these two lives become so inexplicably intertwined…

More than just the lumbering brute that utters ‘Oh Crud’ whenever something happens, he is a fierce enemy who’s bound to become a favorite among the official Rogues Gallery – and leave you hungry for more…
Okay, no more spoilers, I promise…

tales-of-the-tmnt-56-sampleThe Art itself is something to behold. If the horrified eyes peering out of a shattered hockey mask isn’t enough to catch your attention, the sneering face of Hun should be enough to make you wonder what the heck is going on.  Dooney’s frontispiece alone could be good enough as a pin-up poster like they used to have back then.

I’ve always been fond of B&W artwork, just because I tend to see color sometimes taking away from the tiniest details of shading and textures.

Harmon is a master of this gritty, Vol. 1 style of artwork. I would say it was done with charcoal – Heck, maybe even Gunshot Residue for all the action taking place. The lighting is smooth, almost milky, which in contrast makes the strong lines almost too dark, but overall it just screams the perfect amount of Atmosphere. Once you get an eye for Harmon’s artwork, it’s almost addictive in nature not to stop examining for the little details.

Even the way the turtles are drawn is something to notice. What I’ve noticed about Harmon’s turtles is that they seem very much inspired by the character designs of the very first Turtles movie. I noticed this a lot with Tales #36, and more so here.
Overall, this is a fantastic addition to the history of Tales of the TMNT, and I’m sure it will become a fast favorite for your collection.

Thanks for reading!