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tOkKA’s Pizza Party !! **

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles { newspaper strip } ..Leo V. Pizzaface ..art by Lawson - isolated :: 04121992

–>> Welp, wouldn’t normally do this but it’s tOkKa’s Birthday   !!

I’m feelin’ lucky !!

Hey, let’s have a Surprise Pizza Party !! !!

And let’s meet the famous  culinary creator for this catered affair  !!

I bet you know can guess who it is, what’s on the menu and what’s toppin’ Tokka’s pizza !! !!

And thanks to the wonderful discoveries provided by Stephan’s crazy collection courtesy of the fine first family of fun at Turtle Milk Studios, The ol “Anaglyph” Folks, maybe a surprise guest will be poppin’ out of our collective heads !!

Or someone’s .. ummm.. noggin !!

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