Tales of the TMNT V. 2 # 3 // “SPLINTER” concept art by Rick Remender (( 2004 ))

Tales of the TMNT V. 2 # 3 // "SPLINTER" concept art by Rick Remender (( 2004 ))

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–>> Some Dads are just BAD A** !!

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** Tales of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Volume Two #3 **

Cover: Rick Remender, John Beatty and Eric Talbot

Plot: Steve Murphy and Rick Remender

Script: Steve Murphy

Pencils: Rick Remender

Inks: John Beatty

Tones: Scott Cohn

Letters: Eric Talbot

First Printing: May, 2004

Backup Story: “Green”, story by Peter Liehr, art by Peter Schaff (5 pages)

“A Foot Mystic uses sorcery to reconjure the Shredder clone worms into a more nefarious foe.”


** Fresh from the Future;Tokka meets TMNT: FF’s CODY JONES; CLAY ADAMS **

TMNT: Back to the Sewer :: Cody Jones [[ Courtesy 4kids B T T S Blog ]]

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–>> Comic-conventions are the biggest strain on Tokka in any given year as preparation for port-reviews, interviews and networking are months in the making & so anxiety filled.

The actual event is mostly a mad-dash around a very large area chasing down potential work opportunities & important faces looking for talent. It’s not all business and frustration, and forever reason – there are always many surprises for Tokka each and every year like this. ::

San Diego Comic-Con 2012 :: ** Tokka meets TMNT: FF's CODY JONES; CLAY ADAMS **

While taking the motions that will help shape and determine Tokka’s future; someone from the future came and visited the past this past summer on one of Tokka’s interviews.

More precisely.. be it time-travel, coincidence, or fate :: one of Tokka’s interviews was with 4kids TMNT: FAST FORWARD & BACK TO THE SEWER’s CODY JONES,April & Casey’s greatest grandchild !! A.k.a. actor,V.A. & comic writer **Clay Adams !! !!


He was also the gritty vocal talent for Mirage Donatello of the PRIME TURTLES in the insanely popular TMNT Swan-Song; TURTLES FOREVER !!


Tokka’s composure & spine during the interview; rest assured was as upright as gooey, radioactive-ooze.

Scrambling for something to be autographed, Clay signed a 4kids style TMNT school folder i’ve yet to post.

He also signed a copy of Tales of the TMNT v.2 #59 i had on hand. Split-second reasoning : 1) it’s a Mirage Book, and he was the only official voice for Mirage Donatello & 2) Tristan Jones. This being one of Tristan’s masterworks for Mirage – at that time on the side he was working on the U.K. TMNT Magazine with Andres Ponce creating TMNT:F.F. comics for the mag. Just made sense in lieu of the connection.

Tales of theTMNT v.2 #59 / ..signed by Clay Adams { TMNT:FF's CODY JONES } (( 2009 ))

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** Tales of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Volume Two #59

Thank you very much, Clay for your kindness and for your
overwhelmingly exciting time !!

See ya in the future !!

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Nickelodeon TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES :: Wallpaper_TMNT-Lean-1600x1200-r01  (( 2012 )) [[ Courtesy of TOYS "R" US ]]

On a related note ::

** With the big Nick TMNT Sneak peek tonight & premier tomorrow – COWABUNGA CORNER is celebrating with a string of interviews with Ciro Nieli & his Nickelodeon Storyboard & animation crew !! Check it out !! !!


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TALES OF THE TMNT #x v. 2 ..unused Pin-up Page :: “ALLEY ATTACK” ..pencils by Bruce Hatten; inks by Ryan Brown (( 2009 ))

TALES OF THE TMNT #x v 2.   ..unused Pin-up Page :: "ALLEY ATTACK" ..pencils by Bruce Hatten; inks by  Ryan Brown (( 2009 ))

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“Raph and Moo Montana battle Complete Carnage!”

BOG the SWAMP DEMON & TMNT ..PIN-up art by Fernando León González (( 2010 ))

BOG the SWAMP DEMON & TMNT ..PIN-up  art by Fernando León González (( 2010 ))

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–>> ..we all got out DEMONS ..

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Tales of the TMNT – #64 – The Burning Man

I present to you a bittersweet review. Being the last issue done by our power house that is Tristan, we can only hope that we will see him again in the future that is Non-Mirage turtles…

I thoroughly enjoyed this issue. But the Mikey fan in me is probably the reason behind it. Tristan and Jim really did a great mix of action with a bit of humor. Mike narrates the story with this wonderful dry wit as he explains how he gets the ‘verbal spanking’ at the beginning of the story. Yes, you read that right…

Mike goes on to explain this elaborate Rube-Goldberg sequence of events that involves the foot clan, an underhanded Chinese businessman, a flaming skeleton and a scene involving Leonardo dressed up as Batman. Taking place not long after the death of Oroku Saki, Leonardo and Michelangelo discover the Foot clan stealing a relic from a private collector. Said relic turns out to be holding some sort of Chinese curse, which has been set after the businessman Li Xiao Yao.

Mike finds himself alone in dealing with this new threat, and  the ending results in the massive chaotic destruction of a good couple blocks of Chinatown. Not to mention Mike being broadcasted on National News. Good Times by All!

Of course, Mike’s totally innocent in all of this. A Victim of Circumstance. Or Murphy’s Law… seriously, you feel bad for him after a while. Between problems with the communicators, and his attempt to disguise himself with a set of nose-glasses, the turtle needs a vacation.

The cover looks is a pose right out of Indiana Jones. All he needs now are the artifacts and giant killer boulders. The addition of color Really helps Jim’s artwork stand out much more. The frontispiece is a fantastic scaly monstrosity, courtesy of Michael Dooney. We even get a little of “Mikey style” artwork, which strangely reminds me of the Canadians from South Park.

In all, this was a great issue, and it pains me to think that we will lose out on further creations from Tristan. Change can be good, but it is oh so hard… So a hearty thank you to Tristan and all of the Mirage Crew. You’ve been such an amazing group, we will always be grateful for your hard work.




So Buy it, read it, and Love it! ZOUNDS!