terrible2z.com – “TOKKA – ECKS ” Donation Sketch :: RAY FILLET vs. foul play

terrible2z.com - "TOKKA - ECKS " Donation Sketch :: RAY FILLET vs. foul play

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“tOkKa and Mouser # M0S-33, MOUSEE the Mouser” ..by Andres Ponce (( 2009 ))

"tOkKa and M0S-33, MOUSEE the Mouser"  ..by Andres Ponce   (( 2009 ))

–>>To hell with it, just too awesome  !!


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tOkKA’s Pizza Party !! **

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles { newspaper strip } ..Leo V. Pizzaface ..art by Lawson - isolated :: 04121992

–>> Welp, wouldn’t normally do this but it’s tOkKa’s Birthday   !!

I’m feelin’ lucky !!

Hey, let’s have a Surprise Pizza Party !! !!

And let’s meet the famous  culinary creator for this catered affair  !!

I bet you know can guess who it is, what’s on the menu and what’s toppin’ Tokka’s pizza !! !!

And thanks to the wonderful discoveries provided by Stephan’s crazy collection courtesy of the fine first family of fun at Turtle Milk Studios, The ol “Anaglyph” Folks, maybe a surprise guest will be poppin’ out of our collective heads !!

Or someone’s .. ummm.. noggin !!

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tOkKa’s KriB :: The Misfit Mouser — created 03.2000 (revised 08.10.2009) !! !!

' M0S-33 '

–>> K’   gonna do something a little different here.
Then subsequently , later after a good Tokka- nap i’ll cross post this on the trillion other blogs i have to update.

But we’ll make this weird, but extra special experimental post starting here on GGM.

I started my **own site,terrible2z in 1999, the original premise was that  i ran  this big monster of a website and that i really didn’t know what the hell what i was doing. The truth was i kinda knew what i was doing, but i didn’t really know that i was creating the very beginnings of my very own monster that has become a blessed curse ever since.

The whole endeavor was an important but shoddy first step on my career into the arts and design. But for years the whole online “THING” looked  like Homer Simpson himself  was my web designer.

Some might say he still is.

However some of the original stories from way back then remain and some have become a little bit of tiny cult-classics, Tokka online one-shots.

Like  the t2z – KriB classic” The Misfit Mouser”

This was as an old comic story-thing  i did way back in 2000. The art is horrid but it is how used to draw allot of my cartoons nine years ago so.  :/

( Again some would say my style is just as horrid today !! !!

O what a world !! )

The original  has been cleaned up, revamped and revised the way i;ve always really wanted it to look.

However this new version is much more legible, and understandable.

It’s a quicker read too !! !!

It also marks the origins of the infamous Snapper’s little pet Mouser, M0S-33 , or MOUSEE.

One of my most moronic creations ever !!



..and stay tuned for the very end for a very BIG & special surprise !! !!

And please forgive me , Stephan.. i hope the inclusion of this Monstrous posting doesn’t ruin this site’s friendly reputation and scare away the Turtle-Fandom clientele.


☻ ☺

Tokka, Mouser , Baxter Stockman © 2000,2009 Mirage Studios inc. M0S-33 created by tOkKa , terrible2z.com