Working Fan’s UPDATE :: TMNT Pop! Vinyl peek, Eastman’s TMNT 21 & comics , Movie reboot..uhh RENAMED

Shredder-POP–>> Tryin’ to POP! in here with  a quick news round up’ .. ( wasn’t that cute what i did there, get’it “POP!” .. ok ok .. meh, nevermind. I’m tired .. whadda ya want ?? ) ..

** 1966 Batman & TMNT Fun From Funko; estimated JUNE 6th **

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Goin’ back to a  Mile-High .. here’s Rich’s comic forecast for the rest of the month and so forth ::

May, 2013

June, 2013

July, 2013

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  • And a movie bit reported from out very own Jester ..
  ** Turtles movie reboot officially renamed “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” **

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** Workin Fan’s UPDATE :: Springtime Figures slowly spreadin’ like WEEDS, D.J. Ro-DENT, Megan Fox goes red , Classics Micro LEO **


–>> Spring time means thing slowly start to turn “GREEN” ..on peoples’ lawns and on pegs..and the “WEEDS” are starting to pop up their ugly lil’ heads slowly too – so to “ROUND UP” ::

The famous Pixel Dan gives Snakey HIGH MARKS..


So yet again, like a broken record, Tokka’s gonna beg you to exercise patience & WAIT just a tad longer  – cuz as this pattern continuously shows .. the figures that do this rotation post ebay usually head over to the brick n’ mortar stores & online retailers like **Playmates’s Web Shop at much  more reasonable prices than at online auction. Of coarse, it’s up to you .. depending on your situation & how desperate you are. Oi .. !!


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 Uhh.. and on related notes ..

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